My iPhone was stolen out of my bag (which was on my shoulder) on Saturday night, in Kahiki Bar, Southport. Three other mobile phones went missing that night as well. This is more of a warning to be extra vigilant about your personal belongings around the festive period. Places are more crowded and it is easier for the thieves, who are likely to be an organised group to operate.

As soon as I noticed my phone had gone, my bag was half unzipped even though I keep it closed at all times, I reported it to the manager who helped me look for a man who bumped into me and possibly distracted me while the crime took place.

I reported it to the police and the network provider who blocked the SIM and IMEI as soon as I got home but my phone was already turned off.

I've been in some of the largest cities with the worst reputations for thieving's in Europe and the USA and never been pick-pocketed so it just goes to show it can happen in your home town when you least expect it.

It is unlikely I will ever see my phone again but this is just a warning for everyone to be extra careful with their belongings in crowded areas, day and night.