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    Sep 2008

    Sorry I've not been online.. Home ransacked last weekend.

    Sorry I havent been online, have spent the last 9 days trying to make my home feel like 'mine' again after a horrible experiance last weekend end. Came home after having a drink with a friend to find my lovely home upside down, a total and utter mess. Not just that, but one of my rabbits, Cuthbert was missing so I was absolutely frantic and grief stricken wondering what 'they' had done to him, obviously imagining the worst. After about an hour the police managed to find him, he'd escaped into the back yard and hidden right at the back of a large pile of pallets, probably terrified but, thank God unharmed. All other buns and birds ok, but poor Monkey (Leeds rescue bun) was very traumatised, even to the point that he bit my friend when she tried to stroke him (Monkey has never bitten, he's a real softy) and he didnt eat for a day. He back to normal now, and Im calming down after totally re-arranging every room in the house including cupboards, drawers, everything. Im starting to feel now that I have re-claimed my home back from the b******s who violated nearly every room, drawer and cupboard.
    My neighbours have been wonderful, and a good has come from the awful distress and horror of that night in that i have made a lovely new friend just over the road. She took me into her home, helped the police search for my rabbit, helped me calm down and was just lovely.
    It was the most horrible experience, but I'm not going to let it ruin my new life here, Im stronger than that, and besides that, those arseholes who violated my home and terrified my animals are NOT going to win.
    So, thats where Ive been, putting my world back together bit by bit, and guess what... Im succeeding

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    Stupot Guest
    This will help speed up the healing process Annie. But you can never forgive such barstewards.....

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    So sorry Annie,

    Good job you have kind and caring neighbours,
    These yobbos will get their just rewards one day.

    Tracy x

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    I'm really sorry to hear about your dreadful ordeal KT and really impressed with the way you have dealt with it. As you say some good has come out of a horrible thing. Being able to see positives in a crisis, in the way you have, is a real strength - well done x

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    How awful! What a shock to come home to find such a mess and one rabbit missing. Yes what they did was very bad but it could have been worse, it seems that they didn't deliberately want to harm the animals.
    Glad to read that you coped so well and are feeling better and great that your neighbours are so good. x

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    God Annie I had no idea this had happened, so even more thanks for helping my mum out the other night. You didn't even mention all this had gone on, you just went out of your way to help my Mum and save her any more distress. You really are truly selfless, thank you very much xxx

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    May 2006
    Sorry to hear that Annie. Sadly anyone who can trespass and enter another persons home in the first place has no regard for how the owners feel. I really can't understand it. Glad you have a good community around you.

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    Sep 2008
    Thankyou everyone x I really didn't feel or look very strong just over a week ago, I was a blubbering, frantic wreck. But, as the days went by I got angrier and angrier, although my nerves still feel somewhat raw.
    Sal, that was the best thing that could've happened re the little bird... Really brought it home that life goes on, I still have a job to do, and there's animals and birds that still need my help, little 'Angela' has played quite a role in my own 'healing process' this last few days
    She's still fighting, very, very poorly, but small signs of improvement

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    Jan 2008
    So sorry to hear this Annie. I was only thinking last night that you've been quiet, at least some good has come out of this and you've found a friend. Look after yourself. x

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    Sorry to hear this Annie and I truly hope they will get their come uppance x
    Volunteers needed now

    Southport And Formby Special Athletes
    Registered charity no. 1037697

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    May 2004
    Norse West.
    Annie ,you know time is a great healer,plus all the good wishes from Southport
    ****Blessed are the cracked:
    For it is they who let in the light****
    ***Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held it's ground*****

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    so did these scoundrels steal anything?? The Police spent a hour looking for a rabbit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disturbed View Post
    so did these scoundrels steal anything?? The Police spent a hour looking for a rabbit?

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    May 2005
    In my own little world
    such a nasty experience for you, keep your pecker up xx
    they're coming to take me away ha ha

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    Jun 2010
    Hope you're ok, bloody scumbags everywhere!

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