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    Jun 2004
    Your so brave after that horrible experience, Im so sorry that happened to you xxx

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    So sorry to hear of your ordeal KT. I admire your strength and courage.

    I hope they find the pond-life that have done this to you,and may justice be done!

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    I kept thinking you must be on holiday when you'd not typed on here for a while. So sorry this has happened.

    Perhaps you'd feel safer in the future about going out at night, if you had security lights fitted. It sounds like you have very good neighbours, who could check your house if they saw a light come on.

    It's awful that they smashed your mum's photo. Maybe they felt guilty at what they were doing when they saw the picture, and smashed it to make themselves feel hard again.

    Thank god your animals were not physically harmed.

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    Hi Annie

    Sorry to hear of your break in, I hope you get back to normal soon, maybe rescue a big dog like MAX, I saw your double in Birkdale tesco last night, you have a lot of wellwishers and supporters, the sods that do this sort of thing want putting in cages. All the best

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    How dreadful, not nice, I know. But as you are being positive at least no-one was hurt. x

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    Quote Originally Posted by KissThis View Post
    Sorry I havent been online, have spent the last 9 days trying to make my home feel like 'mine' again after a horrible experiance last weekend end. Came home after having a drink with a friend to find my lovely home upside down, a total and utter mess. Not just that, but one of my rabbits, Cuthbert was missing so I was absolutely frantic and grief stricken wondering what 'they' had done to him, obviously imagining the worst. After about an hour the police managed to find him, he'd escaped into the back yard and hidden right at the back of a large pile of pallets, probably terrified but, thank God unharmed. All other buns and birds ok, but poor Monkey (Leeds rescue bun) was very traumatised, even to the point that he bit my friend when she tried to stroke him (Monkey has never bitten, he's a real softy) and he didnt eat for a day. He back to normal now, and Im calming down after totally re-arranging every room in the house including cupboards, drawers, everything. Im starting to feel now that I have re-claimed my home back from the b******s who violated nearly every room, drawer and cupboard.
    My neighbours have been wonderful, and a good has come from the awful distress and horror of that night in that i have made a lovely new friend just over the road. She took me into her home, helped the police search for my rabbit, helped me calm down and was just lovely.
    It was the most horrible experience, but I'm not going to let it ruin my new life here, Im stronger than that, and besides that, those arseholes who violated my home and terrified my animals are NOT going to win.
    So, thats where Ive been, putting my world back together bit by bit, and guess what... Im succeeding
    EEK !!!!

    Glad your ok x Keep your chin up.

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    I wonder which qlocal member it will be next ?

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    A different Planet
    So sad to hear about what happened to you Annie.
    You're a good girl and things will come good for you.
    Keep up with that pma and no-one will bother you again.
    You have good friends/supporters/neighbours who all have your back.
    Ive pm'd you my home number, I have a car now so If you ever need anything..anything at all. Just call me.


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    May 2005
    Oh Annie Im so sorry to hear this, what absolute b*strds they are but Im a great believer in what goes around comes around - and the sooner the better in most cases

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    Sorry to hear about this
    But your little fluffy freinds will keep you busy,and take your mind of things.
    Devil in disguise,

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    In the naughty cupboard
    So sorry to hear about this.
    Hope the scum who did it get sorted.
    Prejudices are what fools use as reasonsO+ + O+ = 8>)

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