Jonah Engler – Traveling Through New York Safely!


New York is a lovely city to visit in the USA however like all good things there are bad things in the city as well. There is crime infested areas and scammers across the city waiting to cheat innocent people. It is prudent for you to stay away from crime infested areas like Harlem. Even if you wish to get a taste of this area, go during the day. The FBI in a recent survey has said that crime in USA has reduced. Take for instance, Bronx. Today, it is a well-lit area and you can visit the place without fear. However, scams and frauds still do take place. Street vendors eye on tourists to scam them so again here if you meet anyone on the road promising to sell you items from Tiffany, they are always fake so beware!

Jonah Engler – how to stay safe in New York

Jonah Engler  is an investment specialist in New York and he says that the city is vibrant and great for travelers if they are equipped with awareness and safety precautions to avoid falling into traps. He says that if you are coming to the city for the first, stick to areas that are well-lit. Stay in major tourist spots and keep emergency helpline numbers handy. It is prudent for you to carry maps and be aware of the nearest subway stations. Be sure of transportation and other basic facilities in case you are in trouble. Most Americans are friendly however you may face a common scam in Central Park Station where you will find well-dressed people asking you to buy them a ticket as they have lost their money. In most cases, these people will distract you and before you know it your pocket has been picked.

Planning is the key

When you are in New York, right from the airport to traveling through the city, it is important for you to plan well. This means schedule the places that you want to visit and if you need to go there, ensure you visit the places during the day. Make sure that you stay in a good hotel. There are some people that look for budget stays and often stay in vacation rentals. Make sure that you are aware of whose is at your door. Check through the peep hole and see if you know the person. As for valuables, keep them in a safe. When you travel, do not opt for gypsy cabs. These cabs are non-metered, non-insured and do not have a license.

Jonah Engler says that when you are traveling in New York, tipping the taxi driver is very common. In case, you do not tip the taxi driver, you might enter into an unwanted argument. Be careful and keep a tip handy when you travel. Last but not the least, when you are traveling in New York always refuse invitations from strangers to ride. Always use the marked NY taxis and shuttles when you are traveling from the airport when you land in New York

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