Indians are Stuck in Japan and facing the pandemic situation all alone


The world is facing a tough time and going through the pandemic situation of coronavirus – COVID -19 and every single country is entering into a state of emergency. It’s been more than three months since the virus is spreading across the worldwide nation. There’s nothing much to tell about the COVID-19 virus as everybody knows that it started in the Wuhan city of China and spread across the nation.

The virus spread has also created a panic situation, which is widely under control or taken care of by the government. But there are many things and situations that are unaddressed like the people left in countries including Japan. Japan is a place of very dense population and till last Tuesday, there was no emergency or lockdown, worrying about the pandemic condition people were working and walking the street without realizing the consequences of COVID-19.

The virus spread through the contamination i.e. sneeze and cough and getting in touch with the person. Such a bad decision affecting the people not only of Japan but also of India and so far the number of cases in Japan comprises a total of 7,255 infections with 102 deaths. So far the basic economic activity will run in some places of Japan with public transport and the supermarket remaining open.

But what about the Indian citizens in Japan who went for either foreign trade or studies. Students and workers had gone to Japan for their livelihood and growth but with the expansion of coronavirus, there are limitations to their livelihood. Not only that but also they are unable to get back to their homeland due to cancellation of all the flights. The people back there have every single right to come to their hometown as their license had expired on March 31st, 2020.

On the other hand, students had completed their semesters too, which had led to the loss of their apartment and health insurance both. The government of India had declared the Janta Curfew on 22nd March and declared the lockdown on 24th March hence, leaving no time for people to leave even if the people want to come. The barrier is not limited to travel but also health insurance and many other factors like the communication gap they feel while they have a bad situation.

The people in Japan speak less of English and more of the Japanese language thus, creating a restriction for people to communicate and take care of medications via the drug store. People have no clue how to handle it as the situation of Japan is much similar to Maharashtra and the cases risen in the place is 1,619 with a total of 9,352 cases so far whereas in Japan the cases rose to 7,255.

The risk factor is more in Japan than Maharashtra and Japan have no constitution of Lockdown since World War 2. People are stuck there even after an emergency that too only for the Indian people as others are walking on the streets like a normal day, going out to restaurants without any much concern.

The situation is worse and things are getting worse day by day as there is no law inJapan. All Indian people in Japan have requested the Indian government to arrange the rescue flight for them and they assure them to take the precautions of isolation by themselves, keeping their family safe at home. Like the people of Japan being rescued by the government and there were 40 Indians who died in America but the people at home are not even getting their bodies. People will follow the rules as per the government even if the government doesn’t have the money, all they want is to come home back to India. 

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