Some birthday gift ideas for your best friend


Finding the right birthday gift for your best friend is extremely important because if you can’t buy her a great gift, then no one can. If it’s a landmark birthday then you have got your work cut out for you; ordinary gifts won’t work. For the big birthdays like 20th or 30th birthdays, most people throw surprise parties for their best friends and think that it’ll work as a gift but all the more, you need a real gift.

Is it your best friends’ birthday? Birthday gifts that you can’t get your best friend include gift certificates; movie tickets and CDs. But, that does not mean you need to restrict yourself to buying only those items only. To make things a little fun, you can also include a gag gift with your present; it shouldn’t be something that’s going to explode or spray ink, but something that everyone can laugh at and your friend can reuse on someone else. you need to purchase something that really says “wow, we’ve been friends forever, and I want to show you what that means to me.” Here are some ideas on how you might do that.

Something food-related

You can never go wrong with food. Birthday gift baskets or chocolate bouquets are soul pleasing gifts. Just looking at them makes you hungry and they are considered a top-notch indulgence, so it is a great gift for just about anyone.

A fruit birthday gift basket is also a great idea. If your friend is a massive dessert lover, you can consider getting online cake delivery in Delhi or in any other city where your friend is reside.

Something sentimental

Not everyone has got such a soft side, but it might be a nice idea to do or make something really sweet for those people that do. Getting a customised gift like a photo frame or a key chain can be revelling.

Something perfect

Things like dresses or sports jackets are suitable to purchase items as a birthday gift. The reason for this is because no friend would ever dare. You’re part of the family now, so buy like a dedicated member.

Something memorable

Another idea might be to throw your friend a party. It does not have to be a surprise (although that might be fun), you can get them involved. But offer to host it at your house, organise the caterers, buy the booze and take care of the cleanup. This might be especially nice for someone who does not have space or time to manage such an event. Give them a party they will never forget.

Something bold

Is your friend a daredevil? Are you? If so, you might want to get two tickets to take a hot air balloon trip. It is a great way to see a city or countryside and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Buying gifts can be tricky, especially if it’s something you really want them to like. Giving something great requires thought and time. The ideas above, though, should help get you started.

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