Guideline for Planning of a Wedding


Wedding is the biggest part of life for everyone which changes the entire life. The shifting from the parent’s home to the husband’s home in which the life will entirely change. The life of a single person is different as compared to the life of a married person. Well, married people know the changes that are created in their life after the marriage. Send gift baskets in Pakistan if your cousin’s wedding is near. And also guide her to plan an adorable wedding.

If the wedding is near and you are thinking to plan for it but right now you have no idea that how to plan it, so here is the guideline for planning the wedding. It will guide you on how to plan the whole wedding from start to end.

Set the Budget

First of all, critically analyze the budget that how much the person can spend on the wedding. Sit with the parents along with other contributors of the family to decide the total budget of the wedding. When total budget will reveal so you can easily spend money according to that. That’s why setting the budget is essential before spending the money on anything. As you know, the wedding comes once in the life and people spend money on it happily on the dress, food, venue, and on other things that can make them happier.

Inspire from the Wedding

If it is your wedding so you will become more excited and inspire by the planning of the event. When you are thinking about your wedding so the classic and interesting vibes are coming into your ears. It is your choice that how’s your wedding, whether it is classic and relaxed or in the rocking style. See the various trending styles of the wedding on the internet through which you merely get the idea but it will inspire you for the kick start.

Making of the Guest List

Estimate that how many guests you will invite to your wedding. It depends on you that you would like to invite the 50 guests or the 300 guests. It must be decided according to the budget. The whole family gathers and sits to make the guests list at once and then they book the venue because the space of it is according to the guests.

Booking of the Venue and Finalize the Date

How can you select the date without booking the venue? First of all, see a wide range of halls and finalize the hall according to the guests. If you would like to invite the 50 guests so the small hall will be selected. But if the guest list is big. You would like to visit the 400 guests or more so the space of the hall must be according to that. The other thing you need to keep in mind is the budget that how much you can spend on the venue. If your budget is small so don’t select the banquet. Get the open space and then decorate it according to the wedding. If your budget is high so select the well to decorate banquet that is elegantly decorated.

The next thing is selecting the date. If you select the date of the working day so you will get the venue at a less price but if you decide on the Saturday night of your wedding so the venue charges are high. The other thing is that when will the hall is available. People book the venue so before the few weeks of the wedding. So on these dates, the hall is not available. The management of the hall will show you the available dates and then decide the date and day according to your budget.

Booking of the Vendors

Book the vendors such as a photographer, wedding dress designer, food catering, flowers decorator, cake baker, and so on. These vendors are essential to be book prior because it will be made everything easy. The selection of all the vendors must be decided according to the budget. Don’t go out of the budget because the excess use of the money leads you to debt. Don’t go under debt because it will make your life difficult after the marriage.

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