The Crucial Signs Of Slab Leaks


Slab leaks are problems faced by home and business owners. However, these symptoms should get repaired as soon as they are recognized to avoid further deterioration. Slab leak repairs are likely to gather up costs if not done on time. Persons, therefore, get advised to work swiftly on the realization of the following signs, include:

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is among the many symptoms one should react towards, meaning that the property requires some slab leak repair. A slab leak involved water trickling from the copper pipes found underneath the concrete slab. These leakages may cause the clogging of pipes, including those of the sewer system, causing a slow drainage situation. If one experiences such, they must consider a slab leak repair. If not attended to on time, the slab leak may cause slow drainage and cause more significant problems to the structure.

Sticking Windows and Doors

Most windows and doors are made from wood material. Wood is known to not work well in moist environments caused by a slab leak. When a slab leak occurs, the wood absorbs the moisture from the concrete. This process wets the wood and accelerates its decomposition process. Therefore, the sticking windows and doors signify that the structure requires some slab leak repair.

If not adhered to urgently, the windows and doors are likely to get damaged, costing more than a slab leak repair. In advanced cases of slab leakage, the concrete floor is expected to develop cracks caused by the developing moisture underneath the slab. The humidity would cause uneven expansion and contraction leading to the formation of cracks on the structure. These cracks play a role in destroying the structural integrity of the slab.

Floor Warm Spots

Liquids are a poor conductor of heat compared to solids. Therefore, when a structure experiences some slab leakage, the concrete slab underneath tends to become moist and, at other times, wet. The water accumulated underneath the slab tends to absorb heat when the environment gets heated up.

However, whenever the temperatures go down, the water tends to lose heat at a slower rate than the concrete slab does, causing the spot with the fluid to warm up the floor. Property owners should not hesitate upon such discoveries; instead, slab leak repair should be administered within the shortest time possible to avoid further damage to the property.

Increased Water Bills

An increase in the water bills is a crucial indicator to the property owners showing that there could be a possible leakage in the copper piper running underneath the slab. These leakages gradually grow into additional water bills to avoid slab leak repairs. Technological inventions have led to incredible dealing with slab leak repair. These techniques involve repairing the slab leakage with minimal damage to the home’s interior, subsequently reducing the cost of repair. When acted promptly by the experts, a slab leak repair would ensure that the water bills get back to their initial manageable level, saving both the bills and, most importantly, the structure’s integrity.

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