Amsterdam Hop-on And Hop-off Tour


You can see Amsterdam on both bus and boat with hop-on and hop-off service. Both the routes will stop at various places of major attractions.

The best part of such hop-on hop-off service is that once you buy a ticket, it will remain valid for the whole day and you can board boat or bus or even combo as per your will. In case, you like the scenery at any particular location then just sit there and relax.

You will also find in Amsterdam a hop-on hop-off package for boat tours with a pass for Amsterdam transportation pass which can save your money and you can travel all around the city.

We are going to mention about bus and also boat tours with hop-on and hop-off way in this post and you may click here for Amsterdam bus tours comparison.

Bus tours hop-on and hop-off

In this tour there will be a double-decker bus with open top with 12 stops at a number of popular destinations. You are free to hop-on or hop-off at any stop you would like. In case you prefer to stay on your bus for the complete tour, then it will last for 60 minutes.

You will get headsets providing audio commentary in 6 different languages. You will also get Wi-Fi facility free! If you like, you can also download an app which will let you know in real-time the location of the bus, and also about any nearby stops.

Bus stops

  • Amrath Hotel
  • Amsterdam Museum  
  • Artis Royal Zoo
  • Brewery Windmill
  • Central Station
  • Gassan Diamonds
  • Heineken Experience
  • Jewish Historical Museum
  • Museum Square
  • Sarphatistraat
  • Vondelpark
  • Westermarkt

Departure schedule:

  1. Summer season (23rd March to 30th October)

Daily from 09:15 AM to 06.00 PM will stop after every 15/20 minutes.

  1. Winter season (31st October to 22nd March)

Daily from 10:00 AM to 06.00 PM will stop after every 15/20 minutes


Like any boat tour, most of the reviewers were quite happy with this bus tours too. Most of them felt that the audio guide with multiple languages was quite informative because it covers full history about the place that you see while in the bus.

Few people also felt that the bus tour helps to get familiarity with the city pretty quickly. This can help people to decide the place where they should return to etc.

Many people also said that buses were found to be quite clean. However, one reviewer complained that windows were dirty, which can be an issue during a bus tour.

However, in general most reviewers were quite pleased after touring in the bus and also said that staff and drivers were quite helpful and cooperative.

Hop-off boat/bus tour combo  

Combining bus and boat tour can really be a very smart idea. It will give the convenience of visiting to different parts of Amsterdam city. You can decide when you wish to travel by bus or boat.

Any time you are free to switch between them whenever you like. Here too you will get audio commentary in Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian languages.


  1. Summer season (23rd March to 30th October)

Buses will depart daily from 09.15 AM to 06 PM with frequency of every 15/20 minutes.

The boat will have green and blue lines. Green line will depart at 10.05 AM to 06 PM daily at the frequency of 20/25 minutes.

The blue Line will depart daily from 10.15 AM to 05.15 PM at 20/25 minutes frequency.

  1. Winter season (31st October to 22nd March)

Buses will depart daily from 10:00 AM to 06.05 PM and boat will depart daily from 10.00AM to 06.50 PM.

This combo bus/boat tours have become very popular and are highly rated by most of the reviewers.

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