7 Quick SEO Gains During The COVID-19 Pandemic


When COVID-19 first hit, we were all shocked and scared. When its economic impact became apparent, A lot of Digitalmarketing agency go into risk management mode and began to cut costs.

From what has transpired in many companies, reducing PPC budgets was high on the list of cost reductions.

Fortunately for many in digital marketing, SEO Community was not hit. And it wasn’t affected at all, or companies started investing even more in SEO despite investing in communities.

Why? Because companies understand that it can take months to reap the rewards of investments in SEO and content marketing. Therefore, more and more people contacted their local SEO Experts such as for Dubai, people searched and contacted SEO Agency in Dubai.

Investments made now can start to generate a return on an investment after the world has started to look like the pre-COVID world we all know. Let’s call it the post-COVID world.

By taking advantage of this time (current COVID situation), many companies have already started creating amazing content—both offline and online.

They have already begun preparing for the post-pandemic world. Smart move. In this article, we will look at several tactics that you can act on right now.

Create content that your target audience needs right now It is possible that your company is in survival mode. If that is the case, you need results ASAP.

And since you can’t spend money on PPC, you are focusing on SEO and content marketing. To get results quickly, your best bet is to enhance existing content that potential customers are looking for right now, and that is already working reasonably well.

Keyword research

Take your top-performing pieces of content and find the queries they’re already ranked for. Use all the data you have in your hands; from Google Search Console, Google Trends, QuestionDB, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Scout Suggest, AlsoAsked, and AnswerThePublic. Collect all relevant queries, check your current performance, and divide the queries into:

  • Queries with rankings from page 1.
  • Queries with rankings from page 2.
  • Queries that you classify below page 2.

Improve existing content

For first page rankings, you’ll find that even with a few minor tweaks to your content, you will be able to move up a few spots or earn a featured snippet. For second page rankings, it’s generally a bit more difficult.

You may need to include sections to your existing content or create a separate page for your hub and spoke style.

If your targeting queries with very specific content, it will often give you a featured snippet too. Also, add some helpful FAQs to this content. Below, I’ll explain why.

Consolidate existing content

Now take a look at the queries you are ranked in under page 2. Most likely, you will find related or even very identical content.

Individually, these pages may never do well, but by consolidating this content into a more robust page, you give them a fighting chance.

Write new short-form content for long-tail queries

Now, let’s incorporate the low search volume question-type queries you found during keyword research.

While the individual search volumes for these queries aren’t that high, their combined search volume and low competition make them worth pursuing.

Implement FAQ page outline markup

Now we need to get creative and bookmark the content with the outline type FAQ page.This allows you to significantly expand your snippet with the FAQ box, for example: Google is quick to grasp the implementation of FAQ page schema markup, so you should get results quickly.

Implementing the Schema markup isn’t that difficult, but if you want to avoid writing a JSON-LD code use any tool to generate it.

Create tools for your target audience

Aymen Loukil’s Special Announcement Schema Markup Generator does the heavy lifting for you if you want to add COVID-19 Special Announcement Markup to your site.

Create new content that is very relevant right now

Creating new content that is highly relevant means getting picked up and driving traffic to your site immediately.

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