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Irrigation is the technique of supplying a regulated quantity of water to plants via artificial means such as pipelines, ditches, sprinklers, etc. The primary goals of irrigation systems are to aid in agricultural crop development, environmental upkeep and reduce the effects of insufficient water, among other things. The irrigation supplies online at Reece help choose a wide range of products and obtain the best price while learning about their use and performance.

The products that are available at Reece’s irrigation supplies are :

Dripline is a form of pipeline mainly utilized in regions requiring frequent and consistent watering. Reece is Australia’s biggest supplier of plumbing and bathroom supplies. The dripline hoses come from Australia’s major brands and manufacturers. The customer can choose from over 450 nearby branches to arrange pick-up and get what is needed.

Sprinklers Garden provides everything that is needed to design, install and water the garden all year round. Find a choice of pop-up sprinklers, rotating heads between 90 and 210 degrees, jet nozzle, and variable arc nozzle. The team can assist in choosing the appropriate watering system for the home gardens in store, selecting a selection of sprinklers and strategies based on watering and how often. Reece shopping helps in finding a dependable residential or business sprinkler system that will survive time testing.

Reece irrigation control systems include solenoid valves and boxes, irrigation sensors, and cabling. Choose from intelligent designs incorporating the newest technology controllers with Bluetooth capabilities. Whether planning a large commercial project, a minor household installationor enhancing heavy-duty irrigation control on farms, there are the best irrigation supplies and equipment at Reece.

Reece carries everything, including sump and drainage pumps, submersible pumps, small units, and units built for large installations. Choose from a choice of multi-stage pumps, including ready-to-go systems and accessories.

Pipe and fittings for stormwater, PVC, and DWV systems can be purchased online or in-store. Lines in various lengths to fit the needs and the appropriate adaptors and sockets for connecting stormwater run-off systems. Heavy strength conduit materials are available for a variety of applications and projects. Traps, waste, and grates are all types of traps and waste. Whatever type of pipes customers are looking for, they are available in stock.

Smart Irrigation brings water management into the twenty-first century with new products and procedures resulting in healthier landscapes, less water, energy use, and less maintenance. Smart Irrigation assures a healthy, lush environment that you can be proud of for years to come by providing precisely the correct quantity of water at the right time, according to specific needs.


Watering is automated using Smart Irrigation. No need to spend time with complicated formulae and timetables. Invest in a system that will make it simple to maintain the health of the landscape.Smart irrigation systems, as compared to conventional irrigation systems, can save water use by up to 50% by only watering when and where it is needed.Being resourceful with water is closely related to reduced energy use. As a result, water and energy expenditures will be reduced for many years to come.

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