How to Sell Your House on Your Own


A real estate agent knows about buying and selling properties. While they have the expertise, it does not mean that a homeowner cannot sell their property on their own if they want. 

However, the homeowner needs to know what they need to do to get the money their house deserves. Planning to sell your home without an agent? You should e prepare for the challenge.

Selling the house yourself

If you are willing to handle the pressure of selling a home, here are the tips so you can do the job yourself, and avoid some of the pitfalls.

  1. Find the current market value of your property

Knowing the value is the first step to take. You do not want to offer a low price tag. At the same time, you do not want to offer it at such a high price that it may cause prospective buyers to shy away. Getting the price right will attract interested buyers immediately.

  • You can find valuation sites online and find estimates of houses in your area by using the key phrase ”sell my house Fort Lauderdale” to get the price range of your property for free. 
  • Ask a real estate agent for a competitive market analysis, which is generally reliable. They base the study on the sales of properties in your area that are comparable to your home. 
  • Hire the services of a licensed appraiser. The appraisal will come in handy when you negotiate the sale price with prospective buyers.
  1. Prepare your home

Your home should appeal to buyers. So it would help if you made some improvements, like attending to much-needed minor repairs. Check if some doors and windows stick, faucets that lick, or faulty doorknobs. Check the lights, electrical switches, garage, basement, attic, yard, and closets. Enliven rooms with a fresh coat of paint. Do clean up the entire house, remove clutter, and see to it that the house looks and smells fresh. 

  1. Market your home

Buy a yard sign from an office supply store. You can also print out brochures and flyers, with high-quality photos of the exterior and interior of your house. Be sure to include the address of the property, your contact information (email and phone numbers), specifics of the property, the sale price, number of rooms, and other things that will improve your sales pitch. Use free online resources, and your social media account for advertising your property.

  1. Know how to negotiate

Know what you are offering and how much you are willing to negotiate with the buyer. You should understand the real estate contract specific to your location so that you will know all the details to include when the buyer presents a written offer. A title company or a lawyer handles the closing of the sale. It is better to identify the lawyer or the title company beforehand. But from the time you and the buyer agree on all the terms and conditions of the sale, you should have constant communication. 

Selling a home is complicated, but you can save thousands of dollars. See to it that you learn everything there is to know about how to do it beforehand.  

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