Healthy Drinks For Lactating Moms: Protein Powder And Shake


One of the reasons why lactating moms are looking for the best foods to eat is to support milk production for the baby. Breast Milk supply is usually the most common problem for many lactating moms, most commonly for new mommies. In Shape Mummy is a health shake that supports breastfeeding and weight loss moms.

Breastfeeding protein powder

The only breastfeeding protein powder looks and feels best with the delicious superfoods. The protein powder is made by professional nutritionists and dietitians to meet the needs of lactating moms. Getting the nutrition that a lactating mom needs will support the milk supply and boosts health while losing weight.

It is an easy and quick way to produce milk. With the 100% vegan and dairy-free product, it also has no nasties, no processed sugar, and no soy. The breastfeeding protein powder is made with the best ingredients, including the superfoods giving the best results.

Boost milk supply

You can deliciously boost your milk supply. There are different drinks to boost your milk production, such as:

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Chai Latte
  • Tea

To have a baby is a blessing in life. It adds a miracle to your breastfeeding time, and it is one of the best gifts to give to your precious baby. But, it is a challenging time as a mommy to stay in milk flow and supply. It may be stressful for many mommies as well as the baby.

Finally, you can support your milk supply with the delicious health shake of In Shape Mummy. It is developed by postnatal and naturopath health experts supporting breastfeeding mommies. The health shake has a naturally potent blend and organic galactagogues. The ingredients are milk-boosting herbs to support healthy breast milk lactation and production.

Immunity-boosting hot chocolate

Hot chocolate has several benefits. It has better lactation cookies full of sugar and for gaining weight. You may enjoy the delicious hot chocolate to support the milk supply of breastfeeding mums.

The nutritional facts of the immunity-boosting hot chocolate enhanced organic vitamin C. The vitamin C is from the fresh acerola berries, known to support the immune system and help reduce fatigue. The 1.5 grams of sugar and 21 calories per serve contained in the hot chocolate indulge anyone’s cravings while staying on track with the health goals.

Hot chocolate is not only good for the lactating mom, but also for the baby as well. The 100% natural ingredients for the baby contain no artificial nasties, no gluten, no soy, no dairy, and vegan.

Finally, there is no need to spend time and effort looking for milk for breastfeeding moms with no effect. In shape has all breastfeeding moms’ and newborn babies’ needs. Try the protein powder and milkshake for breastfeeding mommies out there.

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