Wisepowder oleoylethanolamide (OEA): Increase Fat Metabolism And Lose Weight Quicker


OleoylethanolamidE (OEA) is a natural weight loss supplement that helps in regulating the appetite. This natural molecule is responsible for the feeling of fullness after eating so that the person stops eating. This being a natural regulator regulates appetite, cholesterol, and weight and also enhances the body’s fat metabolism.

The main work of this Oleoylethanolamide weight loss supplement is to inform the brain that appetite is satisfied, every time the person intakes food. In informing the brain, the appetite level drops and the OEA level rises. Read further, to learn more about wisepowder Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) .

Source of Oleoylethanolamid

The Oleoylethanolamid weight loss supplement consists of molecules that belong to the acylethanolamides class. This molecule class is ethanolamide molecules that have the basic structure of fatty acids and is also related to anandamide. Both OEA and anandamide have a similar structure like that of oleamide, which is a sleep regulator under this molecule class. It is a regulator of appetite and satiety and is naturally present in the intestines.

Working of Oleoylethanolamide

Oleoylethanolamide binds to PPAR alpha, and make sure that one does not feel hungry. When this supplement is taken, it binds to PPAR alpha and the brain gets signals that one is not hungry and is full and thus no food is required. This in turn help in eating less and in burning more fat in the process.

This metabolite is produced in the intestine, when on intakes oleic acid-rich food. This helps in the production of Oleoylethanolamide to suppress hunger. But if one takes up a lot of fatty food, then the production stops in the intestine.

This metabolite, stimulate three pathways:

  1. Homeostatic oxytocin pathway
  2. Histamine brain pathway
  3. Hedonic dopamine pathway

It inhibits the CB1R receptor which helps in increasing the hunger, so when attenuated it stops the hunger. Oleoylethanolamide also helps in reducing the fat deposition in the adipocyte cells.

Benefits of Oleoylethanolamide supplement

Though the body can produce Oleoylethanolamide with the right amount of nutrition avaiablabity. But, at the time due to lack of a balanced diet, the production can below. Or, when one wants to get the full benefits fo this metabolite, they can take the supplement form fo it.

Some of the benefits of the wisepowder oleoylethanolamide (OEA) are:

  • Faster fat loss: this supplement is effective in increasing the metabolism rate. Therefore, a person will lose their body fat faster and quicker.
  • Reduced appetite: one of the major reasons why one tends to gain weight is unregulated eating habits. Oleoylethanolamide supplement helps in inhibiting the action of an appetite-inducing hormone called ghrelin. This in turn reduces the appetite significantly making one feel full.
  • Calorie expenditure: this supplement can enhance the expense of calories without working out. Therefore, calories can be burnt throughout the day.

Final words

Oleoylethanolamide is a naturally found compound in the body that helps in making one feel full after they have had a meal. However, to induce weight loss, taking Oleoylethanolamide supplements like wisepowder Glutathione can increase weight loss and can help in burning calories quickly.

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