Bring about 7 small changes to your lifestyle to fight off anxiety


Whenever someone asks you about miracle cure for anxiety disorders, it’s very easy to roll your eyes at some! However, you can’t deny the truth that there are definitely certain small changes that you can make in order to tackle those sudden anxiety attacks. Lifestyle changes for depression and anxiety are there but not many know about them or practice them. Let’s take a quick look at the tweaks to bring about in the life you lead.

1. 7-8 hours of sleep is a MUST

There are many who have struggled with fits of insomnia since the time they’ve been diagnosed with anxiety. You have to understand the simple relation that dearth of adequate sleep can lead to anxiety. If you get sufficient amount of sleep, for at least 7-8 hours every night, this will certainly reduce your anxiety symptoms.

2. Complete your office work exactly while you log out

These days, most people are stressed with their jobs as they make a mistake of continuing their job even after leaving office. They constantly take calls and sometimes also get back to work after they return home. This induces anxiety. Turn your work phone off and make sure you stay away from all work e-mails until the next day morning.

3. Keep a tab on your diet

Give a watchful look at your diet and the kind of behaviors they invoke. If you have been an alcoholic who often keeps his body at a toxic state, you will only increase your anxiety disorders. Start curbing your intake of pork, red meat, processed foods, alcohol, artificial sugars and caffeine. Have more veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts and legumes.

4. Limit the time you spend on social media

Social networking sites can sometimes suck off your energy big time! Facebook or Twitter is all filled with current events, gossips, opinions of people, politics and personal issues. Don’t ever have the desire to be a part of any of these above categories. Try to limit the time you spend on social media to control your thoughts.

5. Start meditating

Anxiety is the constant fear of ‘what if’. This is why meditation can bring back your attention to whatever you’re trying to focus on. Have full control on your breathing and remind yourself that as long as you are breathing you are alive. Try to meditate for at least 10 minutes daily.

6. Go Green

Focus more on green vegetables and green juices especially when you start your day. Try to balance your diet with 80% vegetables and 20% fruits. This will boost your energy throughout the entire day and also limit your appetite.

7. Practice acceptance

Acceptance is a part of who you are. Once you know how to accept yourself and own yourself, you’ll know when to step back totally free of guilt. By doing this, you can also eliminate how others feel guilt-free. This will take away the guilt of being anxious.

So, if you’re looking for lifestyle changes for panic disorder or lifestyle changes psychology, try to incorporate all the above mentioned lifestyle changes to get best results.

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