Sometimes Sports Injuries Don’t Show Immediate Symptoms


Sports injuries that might not show up right then until later on, you start feeling or seeing the symptoms. They typically fall or acute and chronic can seem from the direct impact of putting more force on your joints than you might be able to handle.

An acute injury is an incident or maybe an accident that can result in non-noticeable symptoms. It might happen from you falling or a collision and a slip that can cause you to have an acute injury, these injuries may need immediate attention in an after hours clinic.

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The head is the most common athletic injury. It is a concussion this injury is caused by a blow to the head. It is a collision or a violent action of shaking someone. This injury is considered a traumatic brain injury and it will impact the functioning. It causes a long term problem with memory function. If you think or suspect that you are maybe a loved one might have a concussion injury to the brain then seek medical attention as soon as possible even if it is after hours clinic they will provide the service to make sure you or the loved one is taking good care.


Your shoulder problem is another common injury in sports that might not show up right away. The shoulder is an inflammation or it can be a tearing of the rotator cuff. These conditions can be a number of symptoms of an injury so no matter what if you think there is something wrong with your shoulder then considered as possible get it diagnosed there are even after-hours clinics in the area that will see you.


Tendon problems around your elbow including the tennis elbow and what they might call a golfer’s elbow are the most common areas for a sport-related problem of your elbow joint.


Another sports injury that is common and you might not feel it until you are handling things a certain way. This most of injury is what they call a wrist fracture on the most common broken bones athletes. It is from landing on your wrist from a fall it can lead to problems for most athletes so you need to get it checked out so you don’t run into problems later on.


This is a lower put of your back. It is caused by muscle strains this very common in sports injuries in athletes or even nonathletes. This pain is deep and severe and if it is untreated it will affect more serious structural problems that can occur. Even if you think it is just a normal back pain don’t second guess it. Go to get you or love one check.

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The knee is a pain that can go untreated for most sports players because they don’t notice it until later on. This is sometimes called an anterior knee pain or patella-femoral pain

This can be irritation on the underside of your kneecap. It can cause pain and grind around it. The treatment for this is normally a therapy don’t hesitate if you think something is wrong to get it to check out because it can make you have other problems in the long run.


This is thick and can be a tough tissue that can create an arch of your foot. This can be a plantar fascia tissue and can cause you to contract and very painful and it can hurt to step on the heel of your foot.

That is why it is important to properly gear up with the right equipment so you can play safely.

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