Take Your Blazer Look to the Next Level with Blazer Buttons That are Custom Made


The blazer is a type of iconic clothing for men. It also happens to be one of the key central pieces that every gentleman is expected to have in his wardrobe. But, how blazer is defined has become a bit unclear over time.

Blazer – What Is It, Anyway?

So, what is a blazer in the first place? Most people assume that it could be any kind of jacket that could be worn with no need to wear matching pants. One dictionary defines blazer as a type of sports jacket that is not worn with its matching trousers. Another describes blazers as colored jackets worn by sports players or schoolchildren for formal wear. Blazers are also described as lightweight, usually brightly colored or striped sports jacket featuring notched lapels and pockets. Finally, blazer is also defined as a jacket worn over shirts that resembles a suit jacket without being part of the suit.

Common Characteristics of Blazers

It is clear that different dictionaries have complete or specific definitions of blazers but one thing is for sure, in most countries, blazer is a term synonymous for jackets, particularly in women’s wear. Here are the top common characteristics that best describe a blazer:

  • Blazers have solid colors or vividly colored and bold stripes.
  • These are standalone jackets worn with trousers of different color, material, or pattern.
  • Most have contrasting braiding, trim, or piping.
  • Solid colors are often a navy blue hade but can also include solid colors like bottle green, red, or white.
  • Blazers can come in single-breasted or double-breasted configurations with 1 to 3 buttons.

Buttons play an integral role when it comes to the overall look of blazers. In fact, they are among the most distinctive features of blazers. Buttons are often made of contrasting silver, mother of pearl, gilt, brass, or pewter embossed with a scroll and anchor or logo or crest of the college, school, association, sports team, or club. The best thing is that now, you can get blazer buttons that are custom made that will further improve your blazer.

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