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Action Jackson was one of the best action films of 2014. It was released on December 5, 2014, and people loved it. It was appreciated for good choreography, amazing performances and dialogue delivery. Apart from that, we loved watching Ajay Devgn in a double role nearly after 13 years from his film Deewane, where he last played a double role.

One of the things that made Action Jackson famous, were the dialogues. Everyone played their roles really good, and the dialogues earned special praise among the audience, fans and critics alike.

Best Action Jackson Dialogues

Action Jackson has everything that an absolute entertainer should have. It has fantastic action scenes, entertaining songs and dance numbers, and of course, catchy dialogues. In case you are a fan of catchy dialogues, you have reached the right place. We are listing down the best Action Jackson dialogues that made the movie an instant entertainer for the audience.

Pasand aaya toh dil me, varna dimaag me bhinahi

Ajay Devgn sure knows how to reject someone. (Sounds mean, and it is mean.)

Main ek hi baar bolta hoon, kyun ki dusri baar sunne ke liye tu nahi hoga

AJ warns in style, and it is entertaining and scary at the same time. Didn’t get it? Read it again.

Na commitment, na appointment… only punishment

When AJ is in the mood to punish, he does it without consent. 😛

It’s my way ya skyway

When you are right and stubborn, make it a one-way ticket to the destination. My way or skyway.

Honth hainya vacuum cleaner… zabaan toh wapas dede

Vishi invented a new way of missing Khushi, after a forceful kiss by Marina.

Mujhe bahut darrlagta hai napneaap se aur apne gusse se

A good way to warn someone about anger issues! Isn’t it?

Saala jisne daaru banaya hain uska putla banana chahiye

Vishi has his own style of eating golgappas, want to try?

Meri kundli me likhatha foreign shift ho jaonga… yeh nahipata tha ki main yahin se lift ho jaaunga

Kunal Roy Kapur is afraid of the action he might experience abroad, or never experience.

Tu toh Prabhu Deva se bhi acha dance karta hain re

Well, Khushi thinks Ajay Devgn dances better than Prabhu Deva. That might be bad for the dancing king. (Isn’t it?)

Isn’t that quirky enough for an action movie? Yeah, Action Jackson is a good action film with its own share of comedy and quirky dialogues for entertainment purposes. If you are someone who would like a combination of comedy, action, and quirkiness, we suggest you go for Action Jackson. The movie is streaming on Hotstar and you can watch it right now or keep it for a fun weekend.

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