Utility Of Raised Bed Gardens


Gardening is a wide nurtured hobby, and if you see a gardener, you can see they are open to new experiences and techniques. This is not new that sometimes gardeners try to grow some exotic plants and flowers in their garden that does not even belong to that climate or area. For this purpose, raised bed gardens are very helpful. You can make the soil as needed and create a shade if the plants don’t do well in sunlight, meaning the whole process will be in your control.

Why should you choose raised bed gardens?

Raised beds maximize the space, and you can fill it with good quality soil full of nutrient germ proof and well drainage. It improves the growth of the plants. The best thing about a raised bed garden is you don’t have to bend for weeding or pruning. The soil doesn’t need digging from time to time. Just remember you have to provide enough height-raised garden boxes that help the roots grow enough.

To make the soil, you can make the raised beds, fill them with your green waste, and cover the top with soil. When that compost is ready, you can plant the seeds in the beds.

Raised beds are also a very artistic way to grow your garden. You can also make a flower bed in it.

Types of Raised beds:

Raised bed gardens can be constructed with concrete, wood, timber, plastic, or metal beds. There are two types of raised beds available

  • Supported raised beds
  • Raised ground beds

Supported raised beds:

This type of bed needs construction using cement brick, timber metal, or plastic. For this purpose, the most used timber is cedar. This is the best choice for raised beds.

Raised ground beds:

This is the commonly used type of raised bed. It can be created by making flap-topped mounds. It doesn’t need anything else other than additional soil.

What are plants that can be grown inside the raised beds?

Choosing the right plants while gardening is always a daunting task for a gardener. When you are using raised bed gardens, it enhances the productivity of the plants. That is a good thing not only for the gardener but also for the professional grower. So what plants can be harvested in raised beds? Here are some suggestions.

  • Tomato is a very common raised bed vegetable. Tomato plants need direct sunlight, and in loose soil like in raised beds, they grow their roots the most.
  • Lettuce, spinach, or mixed greens need well-draining soil. They don’t need that much sunlight, so you can make the beds in shadow or create some shade on them.
  • Carrots are the best choice of vegetables for raised beds. The well-draining soils are very much appropriate for carrots.

The list is never-ending. You should get your raised bed kits from the best gardening store and start building your kitchen garden. Enjoy growing your vegetables.

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