A Discussion in Favor and Against Exams


People for ages have argued the credibility of tests in terms of practicality and the pragmatic implications. Not all toppers succeed in life goes on to show that the argument to a certain degree is valid because tests are made to check the ability of a person to remember a particular thing in a specific moment. The fact that there is no guarantee that the student appearing in a test will remember each and every aspect of the syllabus after the exam is over. The second alarming thing is that having theoretical knowledge does not guarantee that the particular student who excels in every review is likely to showcase the same results under a hands-on environment. The pressure of fulfilling the client’s demands, performing the task under the budget and time, and in general, being successful takes more than just a result, which shows exceedingly satisfactory results. For example, students in the new pandemic environment are giving spelling test online, which seems to be the only solution, but who can verify that other online and offline resources do not assist the input these students are offering? People can easily cheat and copy tests through online material without creating any doubts in the mind of their teachers since there is no way to invigilate them.

The people who speak in favor of exams consider them a mental activity where the brain is let loose to find its way around the problems. The fact that having innovative questioning and newer testing methods is exceptionally essential for exams to be considered a mental exercise since giving students questions whose answers are already available to the students defeats the purpose of exams being a mental exercise. An exam must have problems that must test the basics of the ideology by putting students into creative issues for which an innovative solution is required to unpuzzle them. In this scenario, we must realize that teachers and academic institutions have a significant role to play since they decide whether to take the easy way or the right way. Another thing that exams showcase is the mental ability of people under any situation. This includes both the intelligence and the emotional quotient, which is what the brain consists of. According to researchers, 80% of the brain is constituted to emotional quotient while the rest is constituted to intelligence. Hence we can also make an idea of a person’s mental and intelligence capabilities by exams and how their brain works in finding solutions to a problem. For example, it is easy for some students to memorize 7th grade vocabulary words, while others can do it in one time. The fact of the matter is some people can operate their brains quickly and thoroughly while some fail to comprehend the easiest of things. Hence, the clear distinction showcased by exams in students must be pointed towards their brilliance in terms of their mental capability.

According to famous debates, exams are the most effective method at hand, which can be used to assess people and their ability to comprehend things. Even if people consider the notion of exams being useless in terms of practicality. There is no way for teachers to assess their student’s progress without conducting a review. Without an exam, it would be challenging to identify any student’s development, let alone a class of many students. The problem is not in exams.

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The problem is with the people who are designing the exam. Teachers who don’t infuse innovation and self-thinking in their teaching usually endorse cramming and pre-scripted questioning, which further hurts the students’ motivation and morale. Law should be made against such teachers since they waste the money parents earn and spend on expensive tuition fees so that their kids can get a top-notch education. People usually save for years to help support their kids so that they can go to good colleges and universities, which would eventually help to shape their entire life for the better. There are many intuitive methods for teachers to infuse convenience in building innovative questions and exams since websites like the SpellQuiz.com are an excellent platform for teachers to use. This method makes sense now more than ever in the pandemic situation since tests cannot be conducted in a close environment, teachers can use such platforms to ensure the safety, security and the credibility of the tests that are being held on the orders of their respective academic institutions.

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In conclusion, we cannot criticize the exam entirely and must accept that it is the job of the teachers to come up with intuitive and thought-provoking queries. Using pre-scripted questioning would surely validate the stigma of these exams not being practical when it comes to the hand-on environment. We must recognize the root cause of the problem and not blame the exams instead.

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