Guide To Clear The Speaking And Listening B1 Level Test


The GESE Grade 5 exam is mandatory for the candidates who want to settle in the UK or want an ILR in the British. The B1 English test is ESOL’s entry-level exam which has to be cleared by the candidate to prove their knowledge in the English language. The Home office of the British also recommends the ‘Life in the UK’ test to be cleared to proceed with the application for a settlement in the UK. Here are some of the pointers that can give the candidate’s a head start to clear the exam easily. Let’s get started.

How to prepare for the speaking test?

The exam consists of two parts namely:

Examiner discusses the topic prepared by the candidate

The candidate must prepare a topic of their choice to present in front of the examiner. This is a 5-minute long test where the candidate has to exhibit his/her speaking skills in the English language. The candidate has the freedom to choose the topic of their choice and prepare to speak about it. While explaining the topic it is very important that the candidate uses grammatically correct sentences and also knows the meaning of the words used. If the examiner asks any question make sure to explain it properly.

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The examiner will evaluate the candidate based on the way they understand the question and respond.

Conversation with the examiner on the topic chosen by the examiner

The examiner will choose two subjects from topics like music, special occasions, or similar topics. This test will also be of 5 minutes and include the candidate’s speaking skills. This will test the candidate’s ability to use the language for their proficiency. The candidate can discuss any advantages or personal opinions about the topic. This phase of the test is solely about discussions and framing your thoughts into proper words.

How to book for the test?

Booking for the exam is easy but the candidate must be very attentive while filling the details. The registration procedure includes questions such as, why the candidate is willing to take this test. There can be academic purposes or for citizenship in the British. The candidate must provide the right details and also pay the fees online which is 200.00 GBP. After the successful registration of the candidates, they will receive a mail about it. The candidates can select the dates and locations from the options provided. The candidates must make sure that they attend the exam on the selected as there are no exceptions.

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These details can help the candidate to book for theB1 English testand also clear it. The candidates must provide proof of their ability to speak the English language which is necessary for the application for ILR or settlement in the UK. This test has been made mandatory by the home office in the British for the candidates applying for citizenship in the UK. The candidates must practice thoroughly to clear the exam.

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