Offbeat Tourist Places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


The beautiful Andaman archipelago placed in the Bay of Bengal is loaded with surprises and the miracles of nature, that is unique and can be enjoyed during your Andaman Holidays Only. This island is one of India’s seven union territories sitting at the juncture of Andaman sea and Bay of Bengal. This island was inhabited by Paleolithic North Sentinelese Peoples, who have no maintain contact with the outside world or its people, and tourists are prohibited from interacting and filming them. An explorer must include a trip to many amazing and unique ideas in his Andaman Holiday Packages. Diversity and exclusiveness of Andaman tourists attractions are good enough to lure vacationers to look for a cheap and good Andaman holiday Packages.

Andaman island group consists of 578 islands with an area of 8,248 sq. km, only 36 of them are permanently occupied. Andaman is host to India’s only Barren Island volcano, an active volcano that erupted in 2017.

The Islands in Andaman and Nicobar have very humid weather and with its enigmatic island stories, mesmerizingly blue-green beaches that are lush, dense jungles, and delightful natives all combine to make for a holiday place that makes people clamor to go holiday in Andaman.

Though among tourists Andaman tour has become very famous, the islands remain largely unexplored. The islands ‘ tourist palaces like Havelock and Port Blair, are normally buzzing with the crowd of enthusiastic tourists who are cacophonic in their excitement at being there. So, it’s best to shun these spots and visit the less frequented parts of this natural wonder to save the fragile auricular sensibilities. Andaman holidays is more than Holiday on Beaches, it allows you to explore history and wildlife.  

Baratang Island

Baratang island a Gem in disguise in Andaman island, full of unexplored wonders. It was once inaccessible to civilians, as it was the habitat of the local Jarawa tribe of the Andamans who fiercely protected their territories before communication was formed by the Government of India and now the Jarawa Tribe Reserve. Today it stands as a reserve for Jarawa Tribes and Baratang island is open to tourists who want to discover themselves in the lap of Mother Nature accompanied by some of the wildlife. 

Limestone Caves

Baratang Island’s naturally shaped limestone caves are a pleasure and a pure paradise. You should visit the caves but use a local travel guide to procure the help. You drive through the mangroves with sights of a tired crocodile attempting to get a sun-bath. Tourist crosses through the Jarawa Tribe Reserve in your vehicle’s and may see a random tribe leader coming near you before you reach your destination jetty. Tourist needs to take a speed boat to reach the caves. These beautiful caves are of natural forms with calcareous pillars, stalactite and stalagmites formations that blend into some interesting shapes that make for a beautiful sight and the joy of a geomorphologist.

 Parrot Island

This specific part of Baratang Island, with its unique sight of the Andaman Sea, shows a rare jewel that is hidden away from the common sight named Parrot Island. This island should remind you of scenes from the movie “Pi’s Life” where the hero landed on a similar island. Although it is no less beautiful although it lacks bioluminescence, because of the thousands of parrots that occupy the tall trees on the island this island was baptized with the word. Sunset is when the island is at its finest, and you’re not hyped by the sun plunging its blazing orange self into the water. Come dusk, the skies are filled with thousands of parrots after an h 

Mud Volcanoes in the Andaman Islands.

A very quick trip from Nilambur Jetty accompanied by a 400-meter walk up on a rock-laden route and you enter the mud volcanoes that are small muddy craters produced due to the natural gases emitted by deteriorating underground organic matter that push up the mud in the form of bubbles. Word of warning; this is not visually appealing, if you’ve been anticipating a great sight, you should be prepared for something much icier like a mound of mud bubbling dry or little grayish puddles. You can take a local bus headed for Baludera Beach, or take a public jeep to enter the volcanoes of water. 

Ross and Smith Island

The island of Ross and Smith are two separate islands joined by the natural sandbar. At high tide the submerges of the sandbar and makes them two different islands. At low tide, the sandbar is seen and distinguishing between the two islands is simple. Do test whether entering this island is legal as it has always been debatable whether it is legal or not. If it is legal you should schedule a day trip from Diglipur and you are not allowed to stay overnight. They do charge an entry fee to visit the islands and once you ‘re there you can walk on the sandbar during low tide or hire fiber boats or a Dungi (smaller wooden boats) to go on a tour of the mangroves. This island is Approximately 10 hrs away from Port Blair.  

Mount Harriet

Mount Harriet in South Andaman is the second highest peak from its summit which offers stunning views of the Port Blair region. Interestingly, an interesting fact that very few people are aware of about this mountain is that it is the same mountain that is on your twenty Rupee card! Exotic native animals, butterflies, and some unusual plant species are just a few of the items that will appear before you when you go trekking here as a visual treat. There is a guest house in the Forest where you can freshen up and rest before heading back. Take a Chatham wharf ferry or taxi service to Bamboo flat and get a cab going to Mount Harriet.


The mangrove creeks are another lovely and unspoiled place to visit, Rangat, a large island in the Middle Andaman country. The 700 km walkway of the Dhaninallah is one of the best travel opportunities you’ll ever get. And go to Moricedera for a picnic facing the sea with a background of lush forests behind you or stroll along the walkway between “The Twin Rocks” or visit the beach of Cutbert Bay, popular for breeding tortoises and watch baby tortoises move to the shore.

With everything so plain and plain, the Andaman Islands are the ideal destination for holidays. Here, nature reigns supreme in all ways and you can do nothing but schedule a vacation soon and bask in its majestic glory.

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