Travel Business Rewards Programs: How they Benefit Employees & Business Owners


Frequent travel for work may seem like a routine inconvenience, but it also comes with great perks for both the employees and business owners. The key is to join a rewards program that matches your needs and business travel behaviour. And yes, it’s important to know how to take advantage of the initiative. Let’s take a closer look to find out more. 

It’s no big secret that many small and medium-sized enterprises have a rewards program that enables their employees to rack up and redeem invaluable points on business trips as well as entertainment expenses. But did you know that the loyalty incentive programs benefit the company too? Apparently, it can have a significant impact on its travel and expense budget. Let’s dive into how these business frequent flyer programs can benefit both the designated employees and the company.

  •   Personal Benefits for Business Travellers:Business travellers can maximise their personal benefits on miles earned. Apart from discounted fares and free flights, they can avail upgrades, premium Wi-Fi, access to the members-only lounge and other amenities like seat selection, priority check-in, etc. that help in creating an awesome travel experience. A person who often travels for work can also redeem the points accrued for vacations, hotel rooms, car rentals, dining out, fuel, everyday purchases as well as retail products.
  •   Mix Miles & Cash:Want to impress a guest traveller or make a hardworking employee feel appreciated? An upgrade to a higher service class that ensures a comfortable and lavish flight experience can do the trick. Business owners can mix miles and cash. They can choose to pay for the upgrade, including airport taxes and surcharges with the amassed miles. However, if the reward points are not enough, they can pay the difference in the fare with cash.
  •   Single Corporate Account for Travel:Business owners can have a single corporate account for travel and ask all the employees to join a rewards program. A well-managed travel program enables better documentation, complete visibility, and control over the budget. Also, the cost can be monitored, the account can be accessed 24/7, and points balance checked from time-to-time with ease.
  •   Cuts Travel Expense:The right corporate travel reward program can provide savings as it allows companies to accumulate miles on annual travel expenditure. These can be used for future business travel or traded for airline tickets, upgrades, lounge memberships and more. Besides driving down the cost of expensive trips, it also enhances the overall experience for executives.

The Final Takeaway

Whether you are a jet-set worker or a business owner, joining a travel business rewards initiative can be a big plus. Every trip undertaken helps in stacking up points which can be used for great perks and extras. Not to mention, a fully utilised rewards program can contribute immensely to the company’s productivity. It can play a vital role in boosting the travel program, optimising the budget, improving cash flow, increasing compliance, incentivising employees and driving down the overall costs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, right?

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