Why Choose the Top-Notch Eluga Ray 800 Phones?


As one of the newest additions to the Eluga series, this phone is a top-notch phone for the best value for money. When working within a tight budget, you need not think twice before buying this phone.

Panasonic smartphone has been reputed for exceptional performance, even when they are a part of the budget series. This phone is the latest addition to the line and has already become one of the top-selling phones in the markets. It has a sleek design offering customers a sleek and high-quality long-lasting body, which one will have difficulty finding in another budget phone from other companies.

Advantages of owning an Eluga Ray 800 

There are various advantages that come along with this phone, and it is lightweight and a practical purchase without breaking the bank. One of the key advantages of buying an Eluga Ray 800 is that the screen is protected by the Corning Gorilla 3 glass, which ensures that it is scratch-resistant, no matter how roughly it is used.

A super-fast processor and ample storage which may be further extended make it an ideal companion for long hauls across the city or the country. Excess storage can equate to more music, pictures, videos, and movies.

There is an ultra-fast lag-free performance, due to the high-end processor used in the phone, despite the price being mid-range. This means that customers are getting the best value for their money when they are buying an exceptional Panasonic smartphone, especially the Ray 800.

The phone is also a perfect option for serious phone gamers, as with the superior performance processor, Octa-Core, in place, games work well, without hanging. It will also allow customers to multitask with ease and switch between the apps, without the worry of hanging and restarting the phone, as is the case with many low budget phones of inferior quality and performance.

The front camera for the phone is decent for good selfies and the rear camera has a 13 MP primary camera, which is perfect for pictures in most light conditions. The camera also comes with a multi-mode option, which means that customers can expect high-quality pictures, even on the move. It will also take multiple shots, to ensure that the best picture can be chosen once done. The cameras, both in the front and back will have pre-installed modes, which ensure that all pictures come out flawless, and perfect, without having to worry about the low light situation and terrible pictures.

As with many exceptional phones apart of this series, this phone boasts of an Ambient Light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, compass, and magnetometer. Although these features are popular in most of the Eluga series budget lines of the phone, they are still unique features that come in handy when least expected.

For an added security measure that phone boasts a fingerprint sensor at the back, which is sleek and can make certain that no one can unlock the phone without the owner. Privacy is an important aspect of all smartphones, and fingerprint sensors are the ultimate way to ensure the security of the device.

The Ray 800is an exceptional phone with the mind-blowing performance for everyday use. As one of the top-notch phones of the leading smartphone series from Panasonic, the Eluga Ray 800 is a worthwhile purchase, which customers will never regret, even after daily use for a few years, making the purchase a wise investment.

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