Onlive Server Explain About a server? How many types of sever?


Entering the computer world when you are new to the subject can be a bit complicated. This is because some terms are completely unknown and they may not be able to move like fish in water. One of the key concepts that you must fully understand when you are immersed in the digital world is the concept of a “server.”

What is a server?

A server is a computer that has software installed that stores files and distributes them over the Internet, making them available to other computers. Its main purpose is to provide useful resources for users such as web storage, email, data protection and so on.

What kind of server do you need?

Currently, there isbest Cheap Dedicated Server plans by Onlive Server.You can find everything from print servers to firewalls. Here are the most commonly used ones.

1. Web server

Web servers, also known as HTTP servers, were introduced in 1990, as they needed to standardize communication between different platforms and programming languages, and provided a faster, easier alternative to exchanging information.

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Web servers have the ability to handle requests from multiple computers simultaneously. However, the latter requires more resources than static content, so its efficiency may depend on factors such as speed, hardware, number of requests, and dynamic web content.

The most common web server options you can find are shared server, dedicated server, and virtual server. Shared servers provide space to host information and must share the same CPU, RAM, operating system, IP address, and even resources such as the same Internet connection.

A Cheap Germany Dedicated Server is a server that hires a single client that should not share resources with other users, and the dedicated server provides more storage capacity than other types of web hosting. Finally, virtual servers are a combination of the previous two characteristics. The physical server creates a virtual partition that operates independently, and only costs are shared.

2. Game server

Also, as the name implies, known game servers specialize in hosting video games. That is, it provides space for authors or developers to offer their games on the Internet. The Gaming Dedicated Server also has the ability to collect information for each connected player and send it immediately to the remaining participants to generate the game in real time.

There are two types of video game servers, listening servers and dedicated servers. Listeners are primarily used by a small group of gamers who want to have video game sessions sharing a local network. They work because the processing and bandwidth requirements are run from the same machine.

The dedicated server operates independently and is operated by the video game developer client. These allow you to continuously monitor and update your content. Its biggest advantage is that because it’s located in the data center, it can have a large number of simultaneous players due to the power and bandwidth they provide.

3. Proxy server

A proxy dedicated server acts as an intermediary between two other computer systems and contributes to network security. Since there is no need for direct communication between sender and receiver, data and information can be exchanged between systems with incompatible IP addresses.

In addition, it is a basic part of the firewall. A firewall is software that protects your system from attacks by the public network, such as theft of sensitive data, loss of valuable information, or even denial of service on your network.

Another feature of proxies is the generation of something called Cache. It serves to respond quickly to requests from the local network. This is accomplished with a temporary copy of the data retrieved from the internet. Helps save time and bandwidth.

4. VPN

Virtual Private Network is a technology used to securely connect to the private network of one or more computers, even if they are not physically co-located. When you connect to a VPN, it creates a kind of “virtual tunnel” through which all the information passes, and the data that is sent or requested is encrypted until it leaves the VPN, which protects the information.

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There are certain benefits to using vpn dedicated server. As mentioned above, first and foremost is data protection. However, another big advantage is that you can access anywhere on the network without geographical restrictions.

5. VoIP server

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice over Internet Protocol in English) is a telephony standard that enables the transmission of voice over IP-based networks. VoIP networks allow individuals and businesses to use their existing IP networks to manage their telephony needs. To enable this, you need a voip dedicated server or gateway that manages your VoIP phones and delivers calls in the same way as analog phone systems. There are different types of VoIP servers, but the basic functionality is the same. That is, provide VoIP services to people.

Reasons that you need a dedicated server

Servers are mainly used to host websites. You may have hosted yours on a shared server and you’re wondering if it’s worth switching to France and Germany Dedicated Server. These are the factors that you should consider before making a decision.

  • Performance: If you are using a shared hosting plan, your company probably applies some ‘small’ limitations to your user account, even if you have contracted an ‘unlimited’ plan. The reason hosting companies apply these limitations is to avoid ‘Noisy Neighbor’ incidents, in which one client could potentially affect hundreds of other clients on the same server by using too much RAM, bandwidth, etc. As a client, the downside to these restrictions is that there will come a time when you will find a ceiling on the performance of your server.
  • Personalization: With shared hosting you can also find restrictions regarding the software to be installed on the server side, as well as how to configure it. Shared hosting offers the most common software configurations at the best price.However, on a dedicated server you have the freedom and flexibility to install the software you want, customize it and update it at any time, since you are the only user who has access to it.
  • Security: In the event of a deconfiguration on a shared hosting server, other users could read your data. They could also be read by system administrators, even in a VPS configuration. But on a dedicated server, you have the only root or administrator access, so your data is truly secure and private, as no one else can access the server.

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