Are you visiting Frankfurt First Time? Read our 8 Tips to Save time and Money


Frankfurt is an international city and as such most local speak a bit of English, even if not so correct. The city is a tourist friendly one and it is walkable, with a state of the art public transport system too, so getting around will be an ease.

This article aims at giving details to tourists on how to our the city f Frankfurt with ease, live through the tour, save money as a tourists and enjoy the tour in general.

  1. Go non-alcoholic

Hello, Apfelwein hangover is common with tourists and even locals who try the local cider, so be careful when trying the local drinks. You can try the soda water mixed with lemonade for instance if you cannot handle the dangling head you will get from the cider. I am sure you want to get to see a ot attractions in Frankfurt, here is Frankfurt Tourist attractions map, you can use it to get to any tourist attraction site easily in the city.

  1. Watch the calendar

Frankfurt is a city with so much trade shows and events all round there year, You need to be cautious when to visit the city because when there are shows and events in the city, hotel prices shoot up and food  becomes costly. The worst is that you may be unable to secure an accommodation because everywhere may be booked up. So it is best to keep an eye and target when events are fewer or the city is   not having trade shows. You can see events, shows, museums and other sites in Frankfurt  by clicking here

  1. No-shop Sundays

In the whole of Germany, shopping is not allowed ion Sundays. So it means when you visit Frankfurt, except for pre planned Sundays that are called “shopping Sundays”, you will be frustrated to know that you cannot shop on a Sunday. So, remember, when you are planning your tour to Frankfurt, have it at the back of your mind that Sundays are out of shopping days.

  1. Seat yourself

Always try and grab a seat for yourself. In Frankfurt, you may wait till morning if you are waiting for someone to tell you to have a seat. Just grab that seat and have it in most casual restaurants. Also in case the seat is reserved for a particular time, grab it, use it and keep it back before the reservation time

  1. Round up to tip

Ok, so don’t go tipping like the Americans in Frankfurt. Germans generally tip modestly and they do not buy the idea of leaving change on the table as a tip. If your lunch cost just €17.40, you can pay €20 and ask for just €2 change. You already tipped in the German way.

  1. Be red light aware

 Be careful in Frankfurt not to get caught in the red light zone. Bahnhofsviertel in Frankfurt has developed at a very high speed and has the hippest restaurants and bars in the city but at the same time it is the city’s red light district, where drug dealers and addicts are found the most. Kaiser straße and Münchener Straße are better alternatives to Bahnhofsviertel, so remember this always on your tour to Frankfurt.

  1. Free museum days for little ones

Except for August and December, all last Saturday of every month is a free museum day for persons under the age of eighteen. This is great for people traveling with minors. The days are nicknamed “SaTOURday” and it includes free seminars and workshops as well.

  1. Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

Frankfurt’s Hop-on Hop-off bus tour is available for every tourist in the city and it allows tourist to see the beauty of the city and its tourists attraction sites at their own pace.

The buses leave there park several times a day so you can always catch one if you miss the other, just make sure your ticket is intact.. You can click here for Frankfurt bus tours comparison to choose which of these bus tours suite your budget. The bus tour have several  language translations of commentary and it is available on  headsets that will presented to each tourist on the bus. Tourists are free to hop –off the bus to take pictures, grab a drink and have fun in the city and hop back on to the bus

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