Getting that parcel there at light speed.


If you want to get a something delivered fast then one of the best ways to get it there is by using the Millennium Falcon. Piloted by the extremely able and competent Captain Han Solo (he’s asked us to say he’s also quite the looker ladies) and his huge hairy walking shag pile of a Co-pilot Chew bacca the Wookie the Millennium Falcon offers an unrivalled service throughout the known Galaxy. Our motto is “we’ll get it there, eventually”.Described as the “fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy” by its previous owner, a Mr Lando Calrissian,the Millennium falcon offers you a smooth sleek deliver especially if you don’t want any Imperial involvement. It is disguised to look like some tired out old freighter for a purpose, no one thinks it’s as fast as it is. For example it can make the Kessel run in 12 seconds despite what others might tell you that it’s 13 or even 20 and if you don’t know what the Kessel Run is well just go and look it up. If you must know it’s a big anomaly in space full of wormholes that will pull you into another dimension within milliseconds and that will make you trip end real quick farm boy!

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Imagine if Han Solo and Millennium Falcon had to advertise for work. This is probably how the advert would go. Whilst Han and Chewie would be quick a Same Day Courier Birmingham based company like can still get you sorted out and there’s very little chance of the van being boarded by Storm troopers or being caught in the tractor beam of a small moon sized battle station. Having said that some of the things our Drivers have seen might come a bit close.

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The Falcon is one of the most iconic spaceships in Science Fiction history. It is a character in itself much loved and respected by the Star Wars fan community. When it was heard that it was returning to the series there was a palpable sense of relief and happiness by the fan base as without it being in there it just wasn’t the same. When Han declares to Chewie “we’re home” as they board it after Rey has flown it it’s a statement that a generation who grow up with the first three films all shared. It’s still working its magic now as it acts as the rescue vehicle to the remnants of the rebels survivors at the end of the Last Jedi. Keep flying you hunk of junk.

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