How Organising Your Closet is More than Just Beautifying Your Bedroom


Have you heard of ‘the chair,’ where clothes that are too clean for the laundry basket but too dirty for the closet end up? We have all been guilty at one point of cluttering our bedroom with used clothing that we are too reluctant to toss into the dirty clothes basket. Combine this with bags, shoes, and accessories that somehow found themselves outside of your closet or drawers. While it is true that when we don’t see our stuff, we forget it exists – it should not be an excuse to take everything out of the closet just so we can use every single item. Closet organisation should be one of the household tasks that we should take time out to do regularly.

A closet with enough space for everything you own

Having your own fitted wardrobe, such as one from, will make you more eager to clean out your closet and organise it. If you love the design, the size, and the overall look of your fitted wardrobe, chances are you will devote more time fixing your stuff.

An organised closet is beneficial to your mental health

When you look at a cluttered closet, you will feel stressed, especially if you don’t have the time yet to fix it. An organised closet will relax your mind, ease the tension in your body, and overall will improve your mental state.

You can see which clothes and accessories to keep or toss out

You get to see the clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories that you no longer use and can give away or sell. If you can see everything in your closet, you can easily spot those that you don’t want to be there anymore. You can donate to charity, give to friends and family, or sell unused clothing and accessories.

You will feel a lot better when you enter your bedroom

Who doesn’t like it when they enter an immaculate bedroom? It will provide you with a sense of relaxation, which you will need to get a good night’s sleep and rest. Even if you are not going to sleep yet, seeing your closet highly organised will make you feel good about yourself and your effort to keep it neat and clean.

Cluttered closet = cluttered mind

A cluttered closet equals a cluttered mind. A messy bedroom and closet will add to your confusion and decision-making, resulting in difficulty in deciding which outfit to wear for the day. You won’t also get to wear some clothing because they may already be chucked at the bottom or the back, covered by other items of clothing.

You get to save money

When you see which types of clothing you own, you don’t have to buy any more new ones, translating to savings from your shopping budget.

You get to free up more space for other stuff

Removing unused clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories will help you free up space for new items in the future. It will help you determine how much more free space you have for new stuff.

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