How to Enroll in Affordable Connectivity Program in Texas


The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a government-funded FCC benefit that aims to provide affordable Internet access to homes in the US. The program includes several benefits as well as rules that protect consumers from getting into unfavorable plans, contracts, and packages that don’t meet their needs.

ACP has strict eligibility criteria. Many Internet Service Providers also don’t participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program. If you currently have an internet provider, you may need to switch to enroll in ACP.

Here, we discuss the benefits and safety protocols of ACP. We also guide you in finding the right provider and explain the eligibility criteria for the program. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Benefits and Safety

The Affordable Connectivity Program includes up to $30 subsidies on monthly premiums for low-income households and up to $75 subsidies for households in tribal lands. It also offers a one-time $100 discount to purchase a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer if the buyer also contributes more than $10 but less than $50.

FCC has rules in place that all ACP providers must follow. These rules protect you from:

  • Being excluded from the program due to past-due balances
  • Being forced into slower or more expensive plans to get ACP benefits
  • Being liable to pay early termination fees

These rules also ensure you’re able to:

  • Choose a provider and a plan that best meets your needs
  • Get access to supported broadband internet regardless of your credit
  • Switch providers or plans if your needs change in the future

ACP Broadband Providers in Texas

There are 190+ internet service providers participating in the ACP in Texas alone. Few of these providers have widespread coverage, and high-speed providers are fewer still.

You stand to benefit the most from ACP if you choose the fastest internet connection from a reputable ISP. You should also opt for an unlimited connection without term contracts. Grande Internet, for instance, offers fiber-powered internet with speeds up to 1200 Mbps. Its plans have no contracts and no data caps.

Grande Internet has been exclusive to Texas for 24 years. It has competitive rates for high-speed internet compared to countrywide service providers. Their most basic package has 300 Mbps top upload speeds and costs $25 with a 2-year price lock. Call Grande Customer Service at 844-381-0817 or simply click here to learn more.

Types of Participating ISPs

Some ISPs offer wired or fixed connections while others offer wireless or mobile connections. Then some offer either a fixed or a mobile connection with ACP and others offer both. Here are some notable providers in each of these categories.

Fixed Broadband Providers

  • Astound Broadband powered by enTouch
  • Astound Broadband powered by Grande
  • Google Fiber Inc.
  • Earthlink, LLC
  • Hawk Networks Inc.
  • Nextlink Internet

Mobile Broadband Providers

  • AT&T Mobility LLC
  • Boomerang Wireless, LLC
  • Galaxy Distribution LLC
  • PCs for People
  • Unity Wireless, Inc.

Fixed or Mobile Broadband Providers

  • Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
  • Cellco Partnership
  • Maxsip Telecom Corporation
  • WireStar, Inc.

Fixed and Mobiles Broadband Providers

  • Culture Wireless Group, LLC
  • IJ Wireless
  • Omnipoint Technology Inc.

Grande Communication is a popular choice among these. Contact Grande Customer Service to see if it’s available in your area.

Eligibility Criteria

Your household is eligible for ACP if your total income is 200% (i.e. twice) or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The Federal poverty level varies by the number of persons in a household. Here’s a table showing the poverty-level income and 200% of poverty-level income against the number of persons in a household for 2023.

No. of persons Poverty level income 200% of Poverty level income
1 $14,580 $29,160
2 $19,720 $39,440
3 $24,860 $49,720
4 $30,000 $60,000
5 $35,140 $70,280
6 $40,280 $80,560
7 $45,420 $90,840
8 $50,560 $101,120
9 or more Add $5,140 for each additional person Add $10,280for each additional person

For instance, if you have 4 people in your house and your total income is below $60,000, you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program. If you had 12 people in your house, you’d add $10,280 four times to $101,120, which comes to $142,240. If your income is below this, you qualify.

Another way to qualify is if a member of the house meets one of the criteria outlined by the FCC. These include:

  • Having received the Federal Pell Grant less than one year ago
  • Having met the eligibility criteria for a low-income internet program of a participating ISP
  • Participating in assistance programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Medicaid, Veterans Pension, Supplemental Security Income, Affordable Housing Programs for American Indians, etc.

Please visit the Affordable Connectivity Program page on the FCC website for more information.


Affordable Connectivity Program is a benefit by FCC aimed to provide American households with affordable access to the Internet. It provides low-income and tribal households subsidies of up to $30 and $70 respectively on monthly internet premiums. Qualifying consumers can use these discounts by choosing a participating internet service provider, such as Grande Communications.

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