Maintenance Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Home Appliances


Home appliances have become a significant part of our daily life. From the refrigerator in your kitchen to the air conditioner in your living room, every home appliance has made our life so comfortable that it can get pretty troublesome to spend a day without them. Of course, electrical appliances are vulnerable to different types of technical faults and require consistent repair. 

But if you follow the right maintenance practices, you’ll be able to avoid any unexpected technical problems and avoid hefty appliance repair costs. Apart from this, regular maintenance will also increase the overall lifespan of a home appliance and make it energy efficient at the same time. 

So, if you also want to increase the efficiency of your home appliances and encounter fewer problems, continue reading, the following guide will help you understand different maintenance tips to keep your home appliances up and running for a longer time. 

1. Clean Refrigerator’s Gaskets and Condenser Coils

 Refrigerators is the most used appliance in everyone’s home. It runs throughout the day and night to keep all your food fresh & cold. Since it works the most, it’s no surprise that your refrigerator will encounter the most problems. Among all the technical issues, not providing enough cooling is the most common problem that many people experience with their refrigerators. 

In general, there are two different factors that can restrict a refrigerator from maintaining the required temperature. First of all, if your refrigerator has a damaged gasket (rubber sealing at the door), it won’t trap the cold air inside and cause the food to go bad more quickly. So, check your refrigerator’s gasket and make sure to replace it in case you notice any signs of damage. 

Secondly, if the condenser coils are dirty, make sure to properly clean them using a dry cloth. Dirty coils can make the refrigerator work harder and consume more energy. So, it’s always a good practice to wipe off condenser coils from time to time and keep them clean. 

2. Keep the Air Conditioner Filters Clean

In addition to the refrigerator, your air conditioner also works a lot to keep the inside cool during summers. As surprising as it may sound, the air conditioner can consume 80% of overall energy during the extremely hot summer days. This makes it quite imperative to thoroughly clean the air conditioner filters from time to time so that they can easily maintain proper airflow. 

If your air conditioner uses reusable filters, you can remove and properly vacuum them to remove every dust particle. However, if it has traditional disposable filters, you can simply remove them and install new ones instead. 

Another way to maximize the efficiency of an air conditioner and avoid unexpected breakdowns is to hire a professional appliance repair company and get the unit serviced before summer kicks in. This way you’ll be able to diagnose and fix each fault and get the unit ready for extremely hot weather. 

3. Unclog Washing Machine’s Drain Hose

With time and continuous use, your washing machine’s drain hose can easily start to clog up with lint and restrict the washer from draining properly. If you’re encountering the same problem, the easiest troubleshooting method would be to remove the drain hose and clean it properly. In fact, it’s always advised to clean the hose after every wash so that it doesn’t accumulate lint and cause draining issues. 

In case the washer still doesn’t drain water properly, it’s quite possible that there’s something wrong with the drain pump itself. In such a situation, it would be better to contact an appliance repair expert and let him diagnose and fix the problem. 

Another effective maintenance tip to increase the lifespan of your washing machine is to keep it leveled all the time. Why? Because when the washer is not leveled, it can go off-balance and produce weird loud noises. To avoid such situations, adjust the screws at the bottom of each leg and balance the machine properly. 

Other Maintenance Tips for Your Home Appliances

Here are few other maintenance tips to keep your other home appliances as efficient as possible

Keep your dishwasher smelling nice all the time. Make it a habit to rinse the dishwasher with vinegar once every week. This will remove bad odor from the dishwasher and you won’t have to deal with a stinky kitchen anymore

Avoid putting metal utensils inside the microwave. Also, do not microwave sealed containers or packaged food items as this could result in fire. Instead, remove the lid from the containers and only microwave them inside utensils made with “microwave-safe plastic”. 

Make sure to change water filters after every 5-6 months as they can get clogged up due to different water impurities. You can hire an appliance repair company to replace the water filters.

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