Lumen Dynamics Omnicure Equipments


Lumen Characteristics Team Inc. is a worldwide leader of innovative specialized light shipment remedies for life science research and also manufacturing applications. Established in 1984, the company uses market-leading products through its industry-recognized brands such as OmniCure. Their OmniCure A/C Series are excellent for several applications such as fiber finishing, compact electronic camera component assembly, movie lamination, hearing help assembly, lens bonding, along with clinical applications such as catheters, endoscopes, and also insulin pens. Furthermore, these Lumen dynamics tools come in various Collection as well as versions with a few instances like:

OmniCure S2000

The OmniCure S2000 features a powerful 200 Watt UV lamp-yielding result of as much as 30 W/cm2. It has an assured lamp life of 2000 hrs with regular lifetimes as much as 4000 hours. When integrating high result power with its wide spooky sticky compatibility and automatic hours-of-use monitoring using its trademarked Intelli-Lamp ® modern technology, the S2000 is one of the most value-added and also smart UV treating lamp system of its kind.

When it concerns peace-of-mind and regular production procedure results, the OmniCure S2000 is acknowledged as the worldwide leader in UV-treating for precision settings using light-cured adhesives.

Perfect for selected industries, including electronic devices, clinical tools, and optoelectronic assemblies, the OmniCure S2000 supplies fast, powerful cures of UV adhesives that lead to exceptional product quality, quick manufacturing, and reduced manufacturing costs.

OmniCure LX500 LED Spot UV Curing System Controller

The OmniCure ® LX500 Spot LED UV healing system controller has a layout with proprietary Intelli-Lamp ® technology that checks LED head temperature level as well as lifetime data. This function, as well, immediately preserves optical stability +/- 5% to supply an extra significant degree of procedure guarantee for your application. Offered in either two or four network arrangements, this Lumen Characteristics system is one of the most flexible as well as a cost-efficient alternative for industrial manufacturing. The LX500 system controller uses a durable and instinctive user interface to manage up to four LED Area UV curing heads simultaneously or separately at different wavelengths: 365 nm, 385 nm, and 400 nm.

OmniCure S1500 Spot UV Treating System

The OmniCure ® S1500 Spot UV Treating System gives automated producers industry-leading control, dependability, and high-intensity irradiance in a versatile UV mercury light system. Supplying exact control of UV light result and high-speed shutter activation abilities, the OmniCure S1500 is suitable for high-throughput UV sticky curing and automated bonding processes associated with micro-electronic and optoelectronic manufacturing.

OmniCure AC2 LED Small-Area UV Treating System

OmniCure ® AC2 Collection uses small, air-cooled LED UV healing systems for small-area applications. With sophisticated front-end optics, the AC275, as well as AC2110 systems, deliver over 2.5 W/cm2 height irradiance with exceptional harmony. Multiple UV LED heads can be adjoined to accomplish larger healing locations in selecting adjustable lengths while maintaining optical uniformity between each system for enhanced throughput without endangering performance. Perfect for printing applications, the OmniCure AC275 and AC2110 give a decreased output angle from normal LED systems to aid eliminate back a representation of the light to the print heads. These systems are created with a flat outer surface area that enables straightforward cleaning and a substitute for recurring upkeep.

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