This card will help you better choose a secondary school for your child


The Fraser Institute’s Quebec Secondary Schools Bulletin presents various school performance indicators, chosen for their relevance and objectivity. It can thus help parents to make an informed choice of a secondary school for their child.

Here it is, therefore, in the form of a map, which will make it easier for you to locate and compare the performance of institutions located close to each other

We would like to point out that to get a fair idea of ​​the performance of a school, it is recommended to supplement the reading of the Bulletin by a visit of the establishment, and interviews with the teachers, the management staff and other parents. Finally, effective programs in spheres of school activities and extracurriculars not rated in the Bulletin should complement a good school program. More information on the results of the different schools can be found on the websites of the MELS (Ministry of Education and Higher Education), school boards and schools.

IMPORTANT – To get the most out of the Bulletin, the reader is invited to look at the complete table of results for each school of interest. By taking into account the evolution of the school results over several years in addition to its most recent ranking, the reader will have a better idea of ​​its likely future performance.

Number of students “indicates the number of students enrolled in school in 2015-2016. In general, results for small schools fluctuate more from year to year than those for large schools. Caution should, therefore, be exercised when interpreting their results.

EHDAA” indicates the proportion of students in Secondary 4 and 5 who are considered to be “handicapped or experiencing adjustment and learning disabilities” and for whom public schools receive additional funding. Since private schools generally do not receive funding for this, this percentage does not appear in most of the tables that concern them. High levels of people with EHDAA may partly explain poorer school performance

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