Beginner Tips for Starting Your Podcast on YouTube


If you’re someone who always puts on “Joe-Rogan” podcasts while driving your car, you already know th11e overall potential of this market. More and more people have started listening to podcasts as it’s less toxic than other types of content and helps them in many ways. Through podcasts, you can share some cool stories with your viewers and engage them throughout the entire podcast, even if it’s two-hours long. 

But, like every other channel on YouTube, starting a podcast has a few challenges that you’ll need to tackle. For instance, your podcasts should give value to the viewers so that they come back for more and more content in the future. And, if you don’t have a large social media following, it’ll be quite strenuous to get free YouTube subscribers for your podcast channel during the first few months. In such situations, you should invite popular guests on your podcast and ask them to give a shout out to your channel on their social media accounts.

Similarly, there are a few other tricks that’ll help you grow your podcasts on YouTube and get millions of views. These tricks include:

Create a Content Calendar

Like traditional YouTube videos, it’s important to plan your content while starting a podcast channel. You should always start by deciding how many episodes you want to publish in a week and make sure to deliver them on time. You should also lay out all the potential topics for the upcoming podcasts. 

This will give you enough time to research the topic, make your pointers, and even look for a guest if the topic does not fall under your technical expertise. Keep in mind that posting random episodes on YouTube will not look appealing to the viewers. So, if you are serious about starting and growing a podcast channel on YouTube, make it a habit to design the content calendar in advance. 

Buy a Decent Microphone

When it comes to podcasts, you cannot compromise with the audio quality. People will not listen to a 2-hour long podcast if it has bad audio. So, before everything else, you should invest in a good quality microphone. Before buying a mic, check its reviews on different platforms. It would be better if you can get a reference from an expert. 

In any case, however, you won’t be able to get away with a bad microphone and people will most likely stop listening to your podcasts eventually. If you don’t have the money right, I’ll recommend waiting a couple of months and save the money for a decent microphone. If you have a good microphone, it’ll become easier to engage viewers and get instant YouTube subscribers

Choose Topics Wisely

Choosing topics will be the biggest challenge for anyone who wants to start a podcast on YouTube. Your topic selection should be extremely wise otherwise people will not listen to the entire podcast. 

The general thumb rule says that you should pick topics that are trending at the moment. This will help you create viral content that’ll automatically reach the masses eventually. You should start brainstorming ideas at least a week before the due episode and scrutinize all its aspects thoroughly. This will help you stay natural while recording the podcast and you’ll know what you’re talking about. 

Use Camera to Record Yourself

If you publish podcasts with no video on YouTube, you may find it hard to build a strong viewership and get YouTube subscribers. There’s a reason why people come to YouTube. If they wanted to simply listen to podcasts, they would have gone to platforms like Spotify and YouTube Music.  

So, if you want to step up the game and get more subscribers, it’ll be better to record yourself while speaking. You don’t need an expensive camera to get the job done as you can even put your smartphone on a Tripod and use its camera to get the job done. 


It’s no denying the fact that podcasts have become a popular content type these days. If you want to express yourself and share your thoughts with the world, you can start a podcast on YouTube as well. But, make sure to follow the right marketing tactics as they’ll help you grow the channel. And, in case you find it challenging to get views during the first few weeks, buy YouTube subscribers and get the required viewership instantly. 

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