Four Tips to Improve Your Habits Of Rewriting


First-rate writing doesn’t just have to be about the writing. The magic lies in the rewriting and paraphrasing. The buffing-and sprucing stage is where your piece can stand out.

Rewriting can be tiring as you make the same mistakes over and over again. Your hourly rate is increasing.

My mastermind student asked me recently to coach her to write a review of her writing.

1. You can change the order of your sentences

Writing evaluations can be difficult because of long sentences that are too complex, winding, or winding. Writing for pay requires you to keep your message concise.

Oder, you could cut many sentences using a fixed number of dashes (like I am doing in this example) to insert an associated idea at the end.

You may have a lot of parenthetical phrases in your sentences (hint: it can be irritating). If so, you should stop using an exclamation. This will make you seem a bit amateurish and your readers will stay with you for longer.

2. Hunt and kill word tics

There are words we all use too often.

3. Trim your quotes

Many writers fear that lowering their prices will make them look less smart.

The best phrases are short and punchy. It doesn’t have to be long or boring. “

4. Inject persona

One last tip to make a great rewrite. This is the best ever.

A final tip for a brilliant rewrite?

Increase your writing skills to increase your earning potential

These paraphrasing tips will help you compare your draft and make it easier to rewrite.

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