GRID 2 Game Review


If you were waiting for a quality racing game, the wait is over! GRID 2 is here to give you an outstanding experience that will leave few players unhappy. The game is an absolute explosion and can offer many exciting and action-packed moments in its many beautiful tracks.

History and gameplay

One thing I really appreciate in this game is that it really has a kind of campaign, in addition to trying to connect you emotionally with some of the virtual runners involved in several races. I think it’s really cool that the drivers in GRID 2 have regular names, and you really met some of them several times on the track. The game is purely racing, although it has no police officers, mafia or something, so the story is based entirely on the drama that takes place on the track.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, since GRID 2 has one of the best car control systems that has ever existed in a racing game. Although Codemasters call it TrueFeel, the purpose of the control system is not to make driving feel especially real. The developers sought to find a good balance between a realistic and arcade sensation, and it is safe to say they did a wonderful job. This is no Need For Speed, because in reality it is very easy to spend your car completely if you enter a turn at a speed too high, but at the same time the game is very dynamic and contains a lot of actions that make you feel more like A GRID 2 arcade-style racer is also a great racing game thanks to the variety of game modes.

Graphics and sound

The original Race Driver: Grid free was just great, and, fortunately, the same can be said for GRID 2. The tracks, the surroundings and the cars are absolutely beautiful, not too complex in nature and not too demanding with your system. Various effects, such as smoke, dust, glare and glare, add color to the visual effects and are simply fantastic. The only dazzling part of the GRID 2 graphics are the fans scattered across the start / finish line because their models have a very low resolution, but as soon as the race starts, the crowds around the finish line really start to look great. at high speeds when you can no longer focus on small details.

The sound approach in GRID 2 is also very good. Since most of the game is campaign mode, you often hear your interlocutor who controls you when you are in the middle of a race, warning you of possible obstacles or providing you with other valuable information. The effects, such as engine noise and crowd noise, are fantastic, and the music during the cut scenes is incredible and helps you prepare for the next race. The only thing I don’t like here is that the music is mostly absent during the races, which is simply overwhelming, because it can be such a powerful tool in moments full of action, like those with which GRID 2 is so full and can learn more here.

The verdict

It is too early to say, but this is probably the racing game of the year. GRID 2 stores everything I liked in GRID 1, and complements it with race modes, cars, tracks and additional options. The game provides the perfect balance between realism and arcade-style racing, which makes the game extremely fun. I sincerely recommend GRID 2 to all racing enthusiasts.

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