It is the most important men’s clothing because we all consume a lot of shirts, especially if we work in costume all year round. It is often very difficult to find a good quality men’s shirt, made with a fabric that lasts over time and above all with a perfect cut. To choose the right shirt for men , it is best to try in store or order online and buy several pieces at once. In this selection you will find brands of business shirts , i.e. classic men’s shirts to wear under a suit or jacket, but also brands of casual shirts to wear on weekends.

I have gathered here the brands of men’s shirts that are worth knowing. Feel free to give me your favorite brands in comments on this article .

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Schnauzers | Beautiful brand of shirts and over-shirts that offers quality essentials, but also more trendy models. A good mix.
G. Singles | A superb brand made entirely in Italy. Chez Beige Dresser.
Husbands Paris | A superb collection of men’s shirts. Impeccable quality. husbands-
Kalgati | A high-end shirt (approx. € 320) sold only online, and made from the best sea island cotton, by the best French workshop and designed by the best pattern maker!

Gitman | An American family business that has been making shirts since 1932. The perfect brand if you are looking for a solid, casual shirt for cutting wood! At End Clothing or Mr Porter
Office Artist | Classic shirts for men, very well cut in simple and quality fabrics.
Portugese Flanel | The paradise of quality casual shirts.
Hast | A young brand of very classic shirts with good value for money.
Alain Figaret | Iconic brand of men’s shirts. Good quality and timeless products.
Bruce Field | For lovers of “Made in France”, Bruce Field offers an excellent range of shirts made in France.
TM Lewin & Charles Tyrwhitt | two brands but which offer similar products with an excellent quality / price ratio and a gigantic choice!
Standard House A very good offer for quality Oxford shirts at a very good price.
Uniqlo | In all seasons, good quality basics. Cheap and very good quality shirts. Often beautiful models of flannel shirt for winter.
COS | Beautiful models that are sometimes out of the ordinary.
Gap : I have been buying GAP shirts for around 10 years and I have always been satisfied, especially for the price (approx. 30/50 €). I had a multitude of dress and casual shirts that I still wear today. My favorite shirt: a simple white oxford.

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