Super Trendy Portable Water Bottles


Whether you are just sitting behind your desk to work, at the gym working, or out on a hike, a quality water bottle at your side is necessary. Your body is 75% of water, so it falls into dehydration when your body does not get enough of water that it requires to consume. Various studies suggest that dehydration can cause lethargy, headache, loss of stamina, and loss of strength. This can negatively affect your daily routine to perform the daily tasks.  Similarly, the U.S national Academic of sciences, medicine, and engineering suggest that a female should consume 11.5 cups means (2.7 liters) of water, while a male should consume 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of water in a day. Therefore, you should always a keep bottle along your side for drinking water. Similarly, there are endless different water bottles that come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. So, this blog has picked the best bottles among them.

1- Purist Mover

Purist mover’s water bottles are considered the best overall bottles. This water bottle is insulated and has the 18 ounces capacity of storing water The material that it is made from is 304 and 316 stainless steels. Its stainless steel is quite elegant looking. Its size is 8.6 x 2.9 inches. This bottle itself weighs around 9.6 ounces. You can get this bottle in your favorite color as the purist mover offers six color choice range to pick from. Talking about the bottle’s interior, it has 60-nanometre thin glass that is coated inside the bottle. This glass-coated feature prevents any metallic taste that can stick inside. It also gets you to drink a polluted-free hydrating experience. You can keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for 14 hours. Plus, this bottle is really easy to clean. Other than this, this brand offers a huge collection of bottles that ranges from 10 to 32-ounces capacities. Luckily, you can more quality bottles like this with Noon coupon at much discounted rates.

2- Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

If you are after a high-quality yet stylish-looking bottle then the Iron Flask Sports water bottle is here for you. This bottle comes with three different lids, a sweat-free installation, and with a huge variety of color options.Thecapacity option that this bottle holds are14, 18, 22, 32, 40, 64 ounces. Further, this bottle comes with 23 different color choices. Its stainless steel is BPA-free and the total size is 15 x 4 inches and the bottle itself weighs around 17.8 ounces. The best part about this bottle is, you can get this bottle at a very reasonable price that can come in anyone’s budget range. This iron flask bottle is designed to keep cold liquids cold for up to 24 hours, and hot liquid hot for up to 12 hours.

3-LARQ Bottle Movement Pure Vis

LARQ Bottle Movement Pure Vis is the best water bottle for on-the-go UVC purification. This bottle has 24 and 32 ounces of liquid capacity options. It is made with electropolished stainless steel material and does not come with the feature of insulation. Further, this bottle is 10 x 2.5 inches in size and weighs around 11 ounces. Not only this but also this bottle is designed to keep cold water cold for up to 20 hours, and hot water hot for up to 14 hours.  If you are looking forward to buy this bottle, then you can get it in your favorite color because this bottle comes in 6 different color options.

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