What’s new in payroll management software?


A recent market observation is that a lot of businesses are still reliant on traditional methodologies and obsolete payroll management software to handle their payroll operations. In addition to this, organizations are also dependent on third-party payroll vendors where they outsource their payroll services. While these practices do the job, a whole new dimension can be given to it if done using the right payroll management software!

Let’s take a look at what’s new out there and what factors should a stakeholder look at today before investing in a payroll software for their business :

One stop solution

The users of the payroll management software are well aware of the integration of software that transfers data for the functioning of the software. Integrated payroll software with technological advancements can abet tax filing, payment processing with just a few clicks avoiding chaos with various data calculated from various sources. An easy accessible solution on gadgets like mobile phones can enhance the on going payroll functionalities.

Advanced version of AI

Artificial intelligence is the reason for automated advancements in the payroll management. An advanced version of the payroll software can ease the payroll department and result in staying more compliant. As automated payment of tax, and renewal of permissions is certain to increase the efficiency and save time of the administration to focus and aim on the betterment of the organization.


Amendments in the state and federal tax laws are one of the frequent headlines in the news. Adherence to this amends is essential as changing laws and regulations ascertains changes in the tax payments and labour laws. The refined version of the web based application on payroll aims at increasing the efficiency in upgrading the notification to ensure a smooth run of the organization with minimized risk of penalties hammering out the probability of hampered reputation.


Today, some advanced payroll management software are capable of managing the non-permanent section of employees, which include freelancers, blue-collared contractual employees, gig workers etc. This new feature can prove to be game-changing as almost all day to day services are heavily influenced by aggregator platforms- food delivery, cab services, package deliveries for example. With a holistic approach considering the attrition rates in the gig economy, having a payroll software which can smoothly manage the disbursement of their salaries can highly simplify the processes and may also prove to be revolutionary if the gig-culture grows in the times to come.

Having a payroll system in place is crucial for every organization. A good payroll management software is an investment that could streamline the processes of an organization manifold. Not only does it cater to the existing needs, it also accommodates future possibilities where regulations might change and new work practices might be introduced.

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