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While the primary function of a garage door is basic in nature, the repetitive nature of its job can lead to wear and tear that may require routine maintenance and simple repairs.

The best way to keep a garage door functioning properly and ensuring that repairs are done correctly is to trust in the expertise of a professional garage door repair company. Universal Garage Door Services provides superior garage door repair and garage door maintenance to address a problem or concern of any size.

Simple  property near Maintenance facility

If your garage door has been functioning less efficiently, you may need some quick easy fixes or maintenance. Start by checking the components of the garage door system such as the rollers, tracks, and springs. First, look for signs of damage such as a broken spring or a roller that is off-track. If you notice the need for a serious repair, don’t think twice and call professionals to take care of the job quickly and properly. However, if you don’t see signs of major damage, you may try a few easy steps that could get your garage door back in working order.Simple  property near Maintenance facility is an example of Zoom Property  .

 – Clean And Lubricate: Often times, parts such as rollers, tracks, hinges, latches or even opener chains or drive screws, simply need to be cleaned and lubricated. With just a thorough wipe down and a little WD-40 or other citrus-based solvent you can clear up build-up that might be affecting function. If rollers still don’t move smoothly, you may add a light oil or lubricant to help. Using a toothbrush to clean or lubricate is a great way to get into each bend or cracks efficiently. Cleaning and lubricating can also help to quiet noisy garage doors.

– Check Weather Stripping: Go through and inspect the condition of weather stripping along the sides of the doors. Adjust spots that may be causing problems or replace stripping that has excessive wear and tear. If your garage door does not have weather stripping installed, take the time to add it along the bottom and sides of the door in order to best protect your garage from outside weather conditions.

– Heat Up A Frozen Door: If your garage door refuses to open on those especially cold days, take a little time to melt or break up ice that may cause damage to the bottom of the garage door upon opening. Trying to force open a frozen door can result in bigger issues such as stripped gears, broken coils or a burned out motor.

– Double Check Sensors: Motion sensors play a big role in ensuring the safety of anyone coming in or out of your garage. Make sure that sensors are properly aligned and functioning.

– Replace Broken Glass: Broken glass can create both safety and security concerns. Take time to replace panes of glass that are cracked or broken in order to prevent more costly damages.

– Invest In Routine Maintenance: In order to keep garage doors running as efficiently as possible, it is highly recommended to commit to routine garage door maintenance performed by professional garage door technicians. This helps to identify potential problems before they can become major and costly issues. It also addresses minor issues in order to improve function.

Universal Garage Door Services offers professional West Jordan garage door repairs  and garage door maintenance that can protect and improve the functionality of your garage door. Call us today at (801) 784-4550 to schedule an appointment.

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