The Best Sunglasses After Eye Surgery


After eye surgery, you should talk with your surgeon about steps that will help you heal fast. Generally, soon afterward, you may get proper shades that will help you recover from cataracts or LASIK surgery.

Even though some referrals can be long-term, while other temporary, you should purchase high-end eyewear that will provide you with wanted protection and prevent further health issues.

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Protective Gear After LASIK

It is important to remember that after a LASIK surgery, you should wear proper sunglasses or goggles to prevent potential problems that may happen.

You should specifically wear them in specific areas, including:

Dirty/Dusty Environments – It is vital to remember that dusty or dirty environments are problematic for sensitive eyes after specific LASIK surgeries. Therefore, you should wear protective goggles to prevent flying and floating particles from affecting your healing process. At the same time, grass or dust particles are also problematic for recovery, which is why we recommend you avoid these situations altogether.

Water – Apart from dust particles, you should avoid placing your head in water after LASIK surgery. At the same time, you should wear protective goggles while swimming in the pools of water. Since eyes are highly vulnerable after this particular procedure, you should know that swimming could lead to bacteria issues inthe cornea. Besides, fungi are another compound that can enter your end and cause blindness and severe discomfort.

Mobile Devices and Computers – Numerous LASIK patients spend plenty of time using mobile devices, computers, and television that feature screens. However, blue light is problematic for sensitive eyes, which is something you should avoid altogether. At the same time, it is necessary to find proper blue light blocking glasses that will provide you peace of mind and prevent potential issues.

Protective Gear after Cataract Surgery

It would be best if you remembered that an eye doctor would recommend specific protective gear after cataract surgery.

Even though this particular style is not appealing to most people, you should know that you should wear them during the recovery phase if you wish to achieve healthy eyes and perfect vision.

Sunglasses that you find should feature specific characteristics, including:

100% Ultra-Violet Protection – Since the eyes will be highly sensitive after surgery, you should find sunglasses that will provide you with additional protection against ultra-violet rays. Everything depends on the severity of your problem, but it is vital to get 100% protection and wear them for at least a year or, in some cases, each time you go outside.

High Coverage and Wraparound – Even if it has significant UV protection, you should find sunglasses that feature high coverage so that you can get an entire visual field. They should cover your entire eyelids to prevent potential problems from happening.

Polarization – You should know that polarization is a crucial way to reduce glare, which will help you see objects and obstacles around you clearer than before. The same things go if you live close to water or enjoy winter sports because glare can lead to severe problems after cataract surgery.

Scratch-Resistance – Finally, you should find the ones that feature scratch resistance so that you can prevent potential problems that will affect your vision in the long run.

By checking this article, you will learn more about the different shades you can choose on the market.

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